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F1 Driver And Team Form Guide (Post British GP)

A look at the difference in driver/car packages during the British grand prix. The average lap time is of the entire race which includes pitstop laps.

  Race: Driver-Car Package British GP 2013
(With head to head over season where both teammates finish race and or both qualify)

Driver - CarAverage 
Lap Time
Head to Head
Nico Rosberg - Mercedes1:47.2970.000-0.149R 4-2   Q 3-5
Mark Webber - Red Bull1:47.312+0.015
R 0-6   Q 0-7
Fernando Alonso - Ferrari1:47.434+0.137-0.143R 6-0   Q 5-2
Lewis Hamilton -Mercedes1:47.446+0.149+0.149R 2-4   Q 5-3
Kimi Raikkonen - Lotus1:47.514+0.216-0.460R 5-1   Q 7-1
Felipe Massa - Ferrari1:47.577+0.280+0.143R 0-6   Q 2-5
Adrian Sutil - Force India1:47.611+0.314-0.031R 3-3   Q 3-5
Daniel Ricciardo - Toro Rosso1:47.615+0.318
R 1-1   Q 5-3
Paul di Resta - Force India1:47.642+0.345+0.031R 3-3   Q 5-3
Nico Hulkenberg - Sauber1:47.676+0.379-0.126R 4-1   Q 8-0
Pastor Maldonado - Williams1:47.704+0.406-0.076R 3-2   Q 3-5
Valtteria Bottas - Williams1:47.780+0.483+0.076R 2-3   Q 5-3
Jenson Button - McLaren1:47.797+0.499
R 3-2   Q 5-3
Esteban Gutierrez - Sauber1:47.803+0.505+0.126R 1-4   Q 0-8
Charles Pic - Caterham1:47.905+0.608-0.695R 5-0   Q 5-3
Jules Bianchi - Marussia1:47.991+0.694-0.607R 7-0   Q 7-0
Max Chilton - Marussia1:48.598+1.301+0.607R 0-7   Q 0-7
Giedo van der Garde - Caterham1:48.600+1.303+0.695R 0-5   Q 3-5
Romain Grosjean - Lotus1.47.974+0.677+0.460R 1-5   Q 1-7
Sergio Perez - McLarenDNF

R 2-3   Q 3-5
Sebastian Vettel - Red BullDNF

R 6-0   Q 7-0
Jean-Eric Vergne - Toro RossoDNF

R 1-1   Q 3-5

On the race stats to get a true indication only cars that finish are included and not all cars classified as finished. An example being Lewis Hamilton in Valencia last year where he is running 4th and crashes out after getting tangled with Pastor Maldonado. Hamilton is classified as having finished in 19th place but if we include Hamilton's 19th place it messes up his stats as it's not a true performance indicator so it's just counted as a DNF.

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Notes on 2013 stats-

  • Malaysia -  Button retires with 3 laps to go and Riccardo with 5 laps to go but both were still officially classified as both completed 90% of the race. I didn't include them as finishing laps early skews their finishing position and performance data.
  • Malaysia - Controversy surrounding Red Bull team mates - Team orders were not obeyed which was good for a pure performance point of view. Vettel was on the faster tyre compound in the last stint and it has also now emerged Webber was running low on fuel and had to back off for as Vettel had no fuel problems. There is no doubt after the ill timed first pit-stop Vettel was the faster driver and deserved to come out on top regardless of ones ethical point of view on the team orders fiasco.
  • Malaysia - Controversy surrounding Mercedes team mates - Mercedes was a completely different matter to Red Bull with both Hamilton and Rosberg obeying team orders to hold station but one car was clearly faster than the other. The fact the clearly faster car stayed behind the slower and artificially fixed the result lead to Rosberg been shown to have won the teammate battle on the race stats.
  • Britain -  Perez retires with 6 laps to go but was still officially classified as he completed 90% of the race. I didn't include him as finishing 6 laps early skews his finishing position and performance data.
  • Britain -  Grosjean retires with 1 lap to go but was still officially classified as he completed 90% of the race. I included him as it effected his performance data very little.
  • Britain - Di Resta disqualified from qualifying for being underweight. The difference of Di Resta's underweight calculated in time would not have changed his place with teammate Sutil so having out qualified his team mate stands. 

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