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Vettel vs Webber: The Stats So Far


In 2009 Sebatian Vettel was paired with Mark Webber for the first year of 3 together. Vettel ended the year as championship runner-up with 84 points and Webber 4th place with 69.5 points.

Vettel was 15 out of 17 times ahead of Webber in qualifying with the average gap 0.112secs and the average gap in qualifying position 3 places. Vettel obtained 4 pole positions during the year at China, Turkey, Great Britain and Japan, converting all to race wins except Turkey. Webber got 1 pole position which happened to be in Vettel's homeland Germany which Webber went on to convert to a win.

The races in 2009 were much closer than the qualifying with Vettel finishing higher than Webber 6 out of 10 races both completed. It works out Vettel finished 1 place higher than Webber on average per race. Vettel's race wins were China, Great Britain, Japan, Abu Dhabi with all the wins coming from pole except Abu Dhabi which was from 2 place on the grid. Webber's race wins were in Germany from pole and Brazil from 2nd place. Both ended the season with 3 fastest laps to their name.

Summary 2009
Vettel beats Webber Qualifying 15-2 & Races 6-4 with average qualifying gap 0.112secs.

Webber & Vettel, The beginning of a beautiful friendship?


In 2010 Vettel won the World Championship at the final race in Abu Dhabi and outscored Webber - 256 to 242 points.

As in the their first year together Vettel had a clear edge in qualifying beating Webber 12 times out of 19, but the average time difference was down to just 0.051secs. which was half the difference from 2009. The average qualifying position between the two was also much closer than a year earlier at just 0.5 of a place. Vettel obtained 10 pole positions while only converting 3 of them to wins. Webber got 5 pole positions and converted 2 of them to wins.

In races both completed Vettel finished ahead 10 times out of 15 which is surprising considering Webber was ahead on points going into the final race. Identical to qualifying was the 0.5 average position place gap in finished races with Vettel ahead again. Vettel finished the season with 5 wins compared to Webber's 4 wins. Identical to last year, they both ended the season with 3 fastest laps each.

Summary 2010
Vettel beats Webber Qualifying 12-7 & Races 10-5 with average qualifying gap 0.051secs.

Vettel is asked what he is getting Webber for his birthday.


In 2011 Vettel wins the championship for the 2nd time on 392 points with 3rd place man Webber on 258 points. Unlike the previous two years it was a very one sided contest mostly due to Webber's difficulty adapting to the new Pirelli tyres which was a double whammy leading to worse qualifying pace and higher wear in races.

Vettel out-qualified Webber 16 times out of 19 and toke pole position 15 times with Webber getting 3 pole positions. The average time gap in qualifying position was 10 times more than the year before at 0.517secs. On average Webber qualified 2.5 places behind the usual pole sitter Vettel.

In races it didn't get any better for Webber with Vettel finishing ahead 15 times out of 17 in races they both finished. The average race finishing position between them was 2 places. Vettel won 11 races with Webber just winning the season finale in Brazil where Vettel had his much speculated gearbox problems. Webber did though get one over Vettel by getting the most amount of fastest laps with 7 compared to Vettel's 3.

Summary 2009
Vettel beats Webber Qualifying 16-3 & Races 15-2 with average qualifying gap 0.517secs.


With the evidence above what is likely to happen in 2012? All the statics say Vettel has clearly had the edge so far.

2009 Qualifying 15-2 Races 6-4 with average qualifying gap  0.112secs.
2010 Qualifying 12-7 Races 10-5 with average qualifying gap 0.051secs.
2011 Qualifying 16-3 Races 15-2 with average qualifying gap 0.517secs.

It is hard to see any reason why 2012 isn't going to be more of the same although chances are it is going to be closer between them than last year as Webber continues to adjust better to the Pirelli tyres. Even though the above stats look horrible for Webber, it is worth noting he was only 0.05secs on average behind Vettel in qualifying 2010 and he was leading the Championship against Vettel heading into the final race.

If Webber does get on top of the tyres and also as expected the ban on exhaust blown diffusers play into his hands then just maybe he can turn this landslide around. Although it is a big ask for Webber to change the past form guide especially with the priority Vettel seems to have within the team.

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