Friday, 6 July 2012

Alonso And Hamilton Escaped Penalties Valencia

European grand prix winner Fernando Alonso, and race retiree Lewis Hamilton, only narrowly avoided penalties at the recent race in Valencia

Team bosses had a meeting which took place at Silverstone on Thursday reports Germany's Auto Motor und Sport. At the meeting, FIA officials revealed that Alonso and Hamilton technically broke the rules at Valencia, and would have been sanctioned if rival teams lodged official protests.

Alonso for accepting the Spanish flag from a marshal on the slowing down lap and Hamilton for twice overtaking pole position man Sebastian Vettel on the warm up lap.

It is a sad state the sport is in if Alonso could have been penalised for the iconic picture of him driving with the Spanish flag when he won a race in Spain, his home Country. It would be better to punish drivers who don't do this when they win their home race.

Hamilton's offense is a little different. Just ask Michael Schumacher who ended up being banned through a variety of events after overtaking the pole sitter on the warm up lap at Silverstone in 1994.

Talking about Schumacher, the seven time world champion has dismissed reports by Ross Brawn saying his future will be decided in 6 weeks. Schumacher according to Auto Motor und Sport has a unilateral option to extend his three year deal and has said nothing will be decided before October.

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