Monday, 11 June 2012

BBC & Sky Canadian GP Viewing Figures

The viewing figures for the Canadian Grand Prix show Sky with an average of 1.63m watching the race live(includes race only to get a better comparison with BBC as most viewers just watch the race and not the before and after coverage) and a peak of 1.77m. The BBC had an average of 2.3m with a peak of 3.1m for the entire 120 minute highlight show.

Comparing the figures to the Canadian Grand Prix in 2011 the BBC had an average of 6.27m and a peak of 8.48m for the live coverage.

BBC Canadian GP 2011 live peak = 8.5m
Sky Canadian GP 2012 live peak = 1.8m (-6.7m)

BBC Canadian GP 2011 peak = 8.5m
BBC & Sky Canadian GP 2012 peak = 4.9m (-3.6m)

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