Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Webber Speaks Out Against The Pirelli Tyres

Mark Webber has followed in Michael Schumacher's footsteps by saying he isn't happy with this years Pirelli tyres as drivers can't push the car but are constantly driving much slower than desired to preserve their tyres.

Webber interviewed by the BBC after the Spanish grand prix said "The guys are saying, use all of your KERS on the full lap and it's like you can't drive much slower. If you push, you got to pit. It's a new way, it's good for the fans if they like it then great but it makes it a bit more challenging for us in different ways."

Michael Schumacher caused a media storm at the last grand prix by speaking out against the tyres. The seven time F1 champion talking about this years Pirelli's in a BBC interview said "you drive at a pace given by the tyres" and "you feel like your running behind the safety car. In terms of speed and in terms of sensation it's truly unsatisfying and not what a Formula 1 event should be"

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