Monday, 23 April 2012

BBC & Sky Bahrain GP Viewing Figures

The viewing figures for the Bahrain Grand Prix show Sky with an average of 1.4m watching the race live(includes race only to get a better comparison with BBC as most viewers just watch the race and not the before and after coverage - average for whole show was 0.74m) and a peak of 1.6m. The BBC had an average of 3.65m with a peak of 4.1m for the entire 80 minute highlight show.

Comparing the figures to the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2010(race cancelled 2011) the BBC had an average of 4.84m and a peak of 6.14m for the live coverage.

BBC Bahrain GP 2010 live peak = 6.1m
Sky Bahrain GP 2012 live peak = 1.6m (-4.5m) Guess the teams, FOM and sponsors don't mind 4.5 million not being able to be fed the timing data, Twitter team updates and all the other Formula One social interactivity that can only be followed watching the race live.

BBC Bahrain GP 2010 peak = 6.1m
BBC & Sky Bahrain GP 2012 peak = 5.7m (-0.4m)

Martin Brundle gets caught on the BBC F1 forum at 3.26 below. David Coulthard afterward jokes about Brundle "We don't see too much of him nowadays, he's still working in television apparently"

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