Monday, 19 March 2012

BBC & Sky Australian GP Viewing Figures

Viewing figures for the Australian Grand Prix show Sky with an average of 874,000 watching the race live and peaking at 1.02m in the five minutes when Button crossed the finish line. Pre-race coverage, from 4.30-6.00am, drew an average audience of 267,000 and the entire program coverage from 4.30-9.00am averaged 526,000.

The BBC highlights program from 2.00-4.00pm for the Australian GP had an average of 2.73m with a peak of 3.28m in the 5 minutes at Button's victory. Last year when BBC had the race coverage live the average viewing figures for the 2011 Australian GP were 2.13m for live and 2.02m for highlights.

Comparing BBC live coverage in 2011 for the Australian GP to Sky live coverage in 2012 we get a peak of 3.18m for BBC compared to a peak of 1.02m for Sky. It seems the big viewing on the BBC highlights program has stopped the viewing figures falling of a cliff. It will be interesting to see what way the figures stack up to last year when the race isn't live at an inconvenient overnight time.

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