Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Kubica Injuries Leg Again

Robert Kubica has fractured his tibia after he slipped and fell on ice in Northern Italy, the Italian media are reporting. The 27-year-old Pole was reportedly taken to Viareggio hospital for x-rays on his right leg and foot before being transferred, at request, to the Pietra Ligure hospital which oversaw his recovery following his rally crash last February of which he is still undergoing rehabilitation.

It is alleged the fall has reopened the recently healed fracture on his right tibia bone. If the reports are accurate, the injury will only add a couple of weeks longer to his already near year long rehabilitation process from the rally crash.

Kubica's fall has happened the day Ferrari were downplaying rumours about the ex Renault F1 driver being lined up as a Felipe Massa 2013 replacement. When asked if it was their plan to test Kubica later this year, Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali replied "That was not on our plan, For sure Robert Kubica is a great driver that had a very severe injuries and at the moment he is still working very hard to try to go back to his normal living.

"So before any kind of thinking or discussion of whatever could be, we need to wait and see. For sure that kind of injury is taking a long time to recover so I can say we will wait and see if he is going to recover, but at the moment there is nothing in place."

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