Monday, 2 January 2012

Formula 1 Team-Mate Strength Comparisons

The one thing that can get a little annoying about Formula One is the inability to really know the best driver on the grid, given that they are all in different cars. To judge how good the cars are we look at how the driver performs and hence the problems of really knowing is it the driver or the car.

Prime example is Sebastian Buemi and Jamie Alguersuari in the Toro Rosso. They had no other team-mate in Formula 1 apart from each other so for a fan looking on it is really difficult to judge their capabilities as a driver. However it is sure the teams have a much clearer idea with masses of data on their car and drivers, but unfortunately the fans will never get to see such data.

The best way to judge the drivers is to see how they have done against other drivers in the past in the same machinery(team-mates). Some team-mate stats are set out below and the way it is done is if a driver beats his team-mate over one year that is 1-0 to him, and 2-0 for 2 years etc. To try to get as good a gauge as possible for current relevant strength and because it is a means of rating the current drivers against each other, - included are just comparisons against drivers who are still competing or have some sort of chance of getting a drive next year.

To save judging on technicalities and the need to see a clear difference in team-mates, Alonso and Hamilton equal points is down as equal even though Hamilton is deemed to have finished higher because of number of higher finishes. With the Team Lotus and Virgin team-mates, were no points were awarded it was really clear on average higher placed driver finishes over the season who came out on top.

Only drivers who have a completed a full season against another who has competed a whole season are shown, hence why no Kobayashi, Perez, Senna etc as either them or their team-mate didn't complete the full year.

In order of Championship standings this year. (R) means rookie.

Sebastian Vettel 3-0 Webber (732-569.5pts)  (3-0)

Jenson Button 1-1 Hamilton (484-467pts) ~ Button 3-1 Barrichello (160-118pts) ~ Button 1-0 Trulli (14-9pts)  (5-2)

Mark Webber 0-3 Vettel (569.5-732pts) ~ Webber 1-0 Rosberg(R) (7-4pts) (1-3)

Fernando Alonso 2-0 Massa (509-262pts) ~ Alonso 0-0 Hamilton(R) (109-109pts) ~ Alonso 1-0 Trulli (55-33pts) (3-0)

Lewis Hamilton 1-1 Button(467-484pts) ~ Hamilton 2-0 Kovalainen (147-75pts) ~ Hamilton(R) 0-0 Alonso (109-109pts) (3-1)

Felipe Massa 0-2 Alonso (262-509pts) ~ Massa 1-1 Raikkonen (191-185pts) ~ Massa 0-1 Schumacher (80-121pts) (1-4)

Nico Rosberg 2-0 Schumacher (231-148pts) ~ Rosberg(R)0-1 Webber (4-7pts) (2-1)

Michael Schumacher 0-2 Rosberg(148-231pts) ~ Schumacher 1-0 Massa(121-80pts) ~ Schumacher 5-0 Barrichello (678-412pts) (6-2)

Adrian Sutil 1-0 Di Resta (42-27pts) ~ Sutil 2-0 Liuzzi (52-21pts) (3-0)

Vitaly Petrov 0-1 Kubica  (27-136pts) (0-1)

Nick Heidfeld 2-1 Kubica (140-131pts) ~ Heidfeld 1-0 Raikkonen(R) (12-9pts) (3-1)

Paul Di Resta 0-1 Sutil (42-27pts) (0-1)

Sebastian Buemi 1-1 Alguersuari (23-31pts) (1-1)

Jamie Alguersuari 1-1 Buemi (31-23pts) (1-1)

Rubens Barrichello 1-0 Maldonado(R) (4-1pts) ~ Barrichello 1-0 Hulkenberg(R) (47-22pts) ~ Barrichello 1-3 Button (118-160pts) ~ Barrichello 0-5 Schumacher (412-678pts) (3-8)

Jarno Trulli 1-0 Glock (31-25pts) ~ Trulli 0-2 Kovalainen (1-2)

Heikki Kovalainen 2-0 Trulli (0-0pts) ~ Kovalainen 0-2 Hamilton (147-75pts) (2-2)

Timo Glock 1-0 D'Ambrosio (0-0pts) ~ Glock 0-1 Jarno Trulli (25-31pts) (1-1)

Robert Kubica 1-2 Heidfeld (131-140pts) ~ Kubica 1-0 Petrov(R) (27-136) (2-2)

Kimi Raikkonen 1-1 Massa (185-191pts) ~ Raikkonen 0-1 Heidfeld (9-12pts) (1-2)

Positive Against Team-Mates

Alonso, Vettel and Sutil (3-0) or (4-1)
Alonso's team mates(Massa, Hamilton, Trulli) and Vettel's team mates(Webber) were of a much higher standard than Sutil's(Liuzzi and rookie Di Resta).

Schumacher, Hamilton and Heidfeld (3-1) or (6-2)
In his first career Schumacher never lost to a team-mate in his 15 years in F1. Hamilton has had very high quality team mates his entire F1 career(Alonso, Button and to a lesser extent Kovalainen). Heidfeld's record isn't too shabby as he was 1-1 with Kubica and beat a young rookie called Kimi Raikkonen.

Button (5-2)
Beat Hamilton which no other team-mate achieved.

Rosberg (2-1)
Webber was the only team-mate to beat him which happened in Rosberg's rookie year which he started just aged 20.

Even Against Team-Mates

Kubica, Kovalainen,Trulli, Glock, Buemi and Alguersuari.

Negative Against Team-Mates

Raikkonen (1-2)

Petrov, Di Resta, Hulkenberg, Maldonado, D' Ambrosio (0-1) 
All were rookies.

Webber (1-3)

Barrichello (3-8)
5 years spent on the same team as statistically the best F1 driver of all time doesn't do your own team-mate stats any favours.

Massa (1-4)
Looks bad, but when you consider the team-mates were Schumacher, Alonso and Raikkonen - there are very few ranked above him that would have done much better.

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