Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Belgian GP Future To Be Decided

The loss making Belgian Grand Prix's future will be given clarity "within four or five weeks" the Belgium, Walloon region minister of economy Jean-Claude Marcourt told the Wallon Parliament Tuesday. Belgium website HLN.BE reports three months ago France approached the organisers of the Belgium GP with the idea of taking turns of hosting a race. Since then however nothing more has been heard from France according to the Belgian GP organisers.

The grand prix in Spa Francorchamps weighs on the Walloon finances and therefore the organisers of the event asked the Walloon goverment to study a variety of scenarios. One of the ideas is alternating with a neighbour with Germany also being mentioned along with France. Just this week Barcelona and Valencia has made it clear they are struggling with affording a grand prix.

99% of fans would be very happy to see the back of Barcelona and Valencia as they are strong candidates for always producing two of the most boring races on the calander. The opposite is true of the classic track at Spa Francorchamps which normally produces one of the highlights of the season.

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