Friday, 27 January 2012

The Sound Of The Lotus E20?

The name of the Lotus Formula 1 car this year will be the E20 to commemorate the 20th chassis designed at the team's base in Enstone, Oxfordshire.

Red Bull F1 Cars Until RB8: Video

A countdown featuring previous Red Bull Formula 1 cars from the first in 2005 until the unveiling of the Red Bull RB8 on 6th February 2012.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Extended Video Of Raikkonen Valencia Testing

Some extra footage of the Kimi Raikkonen Lotus testing at Valencia.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Pirelli's History Of Racing Tyres

A video showing Pirelli's history of Formula One racing tyres from 1951 to present day. The Italian tyre manufacturer is now the sole tyre supplier in F1, after Bridgestone withdrew from the role at the end of the 2010 season. Pirelli previously competed in Formula One from 1950-1958, 1981-1986 and 1989-1991.

Pirelli Changes In Tyres From Last Year

Pirelli video on the differences in F1 tyres from last year with the hope they will create more excitement in races this season. Pirelli talks about "new profiles for the front and rears to optimize the distribution of stresses over the entire contact patch, improving the degradation curve and reducing the risk of blistering" Pirelli also says the "performance gap between the four slicks has also been narrowed in order to encourage different race strategies"

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Raikkonen Laps Valencia & Interview BBC

More footage of Kimi Raikkonen's first day back on the track in a Formula 1 car in two years.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Video Of Kimi Raikkonen On Track Valencia & Interview

Kimi Raikkonen Sky Sports interview and footage of the 2007 world champion back on the track in an F1 car for the first time in 2 years.

Raikkonen: "It’s nice to get back in the car, it’s quite a few years since I’ve driven last time. Of course it takes a little bit of time to get used to it, but the main bits of driving – braking, turning, the normal things – it doesn’t take many laps. But learning about the car, the team and the tires will take time.

"I had no plans for the future, I have no plans now for the future. There were different choices for this year, but I really wanted to do racing - I did some NASCAR last year and I really enjoyed competing against people again. It was then that I decided to do some racing again and F1 is the highest level of racing and where people want to be."

Below Lotus video of test at Valencia "The Return Of A Legend"

Raikkonen states in his usually understated tone "It's something that I used to do before and it will be interesting just to do some running and get back to it"

"It was nice to get finally – Finally back in a Formula 1 car"

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Reactive Ride Height Controversy

Episode 52 of The Flying Lap with Peter Windsor interviewing Williams Mark Gillian and Toro Rosso rookie driver Jean-Eric Vergne. About 11 minutes into the show Peter asks William's chief operations engineer Gillian about the much talked about reactive ride height system.

The response was a great surprise with Gillian saying he had just received word 15 minutes before the show that the FIA were banning the system. "The FIA have just banned that particular type of system," Gillian revealed "It looks, from a cursory look, that they are aiming to ban that type of system, but I need to look at it in a bit more detail."

It is rumoured the reactive ride height gives 0.3 second per lap advantage. Lotus has pioneered the system and have consulted with the FIA over it as far back as January last year. Because Mercedes technical director Bob Bell was with Lotus Renault at that time it is thought Mercedes also had a very good grip on the system with speculation Bell took the Lotus engineer that came up with the idea with him to Mercedes. Ferrari had recently submitted documents about their own version to the FIA.

The likely reason it is only banned now is rival teams have went through the system with a fine-comb to see was it legal rather than play catch up. Another likely reason could be some of the rival teams knew all along it could be proved illegal and so just waited for the FIA to take a stance which they did earlier in the week suggesting there was nothing wrong with the system.

Whatever the reason, what Gillian said has now been confirmed by Matteo Bonciani (FIA's head of F1 communications), to Reuters and what had initially been approved by the FIA, is now banned under Article 3.15 of the sport's Technical Regulations which govern moveable aerodynamic devices. Not great news for comeback man and new Lotus driver Kimi Raikkonen.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Senna At Williams Factory & On Simulator

Bruno Senna takes a look at the historic Williams F1 cars and goes on the Williams simulator.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Sutil To Williams Talks Ended Mid-December

Adrian Sutil's manager Manfred Zimmermann has revealed talks with Williams broke down mid-December. Sutil was favourite for the Williams seat at one stage and now his options for a place on the grid next year are quickly running out.

Speaking to Motorsport-Total, Zimmermann said "The announcement of Bruno Senna as a Williams driver does not surprise us, for us the issue was settled weeks ago. The negotiations with Williams, due to various different ideas ended in mid-December"

"Force India was also not a possibility anymore at an early stage. Even in September it was clear that Adrian will not drive for Force India in 2012"

Despite one undesirable vacancy at HRT and maybe Jarno Trulli's seat at Caterham which seems to be heading the way of Vitaly Petrov, Zimmermann says "I continue to believe that Adrian will be in Formula 1 this season - in the long term this should be the case anyway. For the 2012 season, there are two possibilities: a 'surprise package' and a plan B"

For the time being Sutil's management are focusing on the Eric Lux court trial which happens on 30 and 31 January, Munich. Zimmermann said "For us, it is now first to complete the trial later this month, so that a line is drawn under the matter. From the 1st of February we are actually in our negotiations."

The main sticking point with the Williams negotiations could have been Sutil's preference for a one year deal because of the possibility of a vacant seat in each of the four top teams for 2013. Sutil's manager hints at this, "We see 2012 as a transitional year and go to the Formula 1 project with a long term view," says Zimmermann.

"Adrian will be after his World Championship performances and results of the last two years, certainly looking at a long term commitment in Formula 1. We plan to remain in the medium term to dock at a top team."

Bruno Senna Williams Interview: Video

Newly signed Williams driver Bruno Senna talks about his move to Williams F1 and the connection with his late uncle Ayrton Senna at Williams. Frank Williams discusses how Bruno impressed him last year against Vitaly Petrov at Lotus. Williams also talks about the connection with Ayrton and how he is hopping Bruno "will be a surprise for everybody"

Bruno Senna Signs For Williams

Bruno Senna has signed to partner Pastor Maldonado at Williams claims Italy's Autosprint magazine. After months of speculation who will get Rubens Barrichello vacant seat at the British team it now seems a done deal that will be announced later today[17 Jan] or as Autosprint quotes "within the coming days".

Autosprint says the rumour is from trusted sources in Brazil. Senna comes with a substantial EUR14 million in Brazilian sponsorship. Included is OGX, an oil giant headed by billionaire Eike Batista who tweeted last week Senna had got the drive for Williams. The deal also reportedly includes team sponsorship by Brazilian Senna's sponsors Embratel and Gillette.

Ex Force India driver Adrian Sutil had been in contention for the seat, but the reduction in value of his Medion sponsor backing[4 million] "was crucial". Earlier reports suggested Bruno's performances at Lotus last year also helped in tipping the deal in his favour, particularly his 7th place in Belgian GP qualifying.

If the rumours are true which is very likely, Williams will have two drivers that have never been on the podium in Formula 1 and who between them have driven less than three years in Formula 1.

Update: Senna officially confirmed at Williams by the team. Bruno Senna interview by Williams F1 - Bruno Senna Williams Interview: Video

Related: Bruno Senna Spotted At Williams

Monday, 16 January 2012

Paul Di Resta Interview Autosport

Interview with Paul di Resta at Autosport International. Di Resta talks about his rookie year in Formula 1 with Force India and discusses the up-coming season alongside new team-mate Nico Hulkenberg.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Ferrari News From Wrooom: Video

The latest Ferrari F1 news from the Wrooom event in Madonna di Campiglio.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Sutil Due In Court End Of Month

Adrian Sutil has been ordered to defend himself against charges of grievous bodily harm after the incident with Eric Lux in Shanghai, April 2011. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reports Sutil at the end of January has two days of proceedings in court on charges of grievous bodily harm.

Sutil had previously admitted to having hit Lux, co-owner of Lotus Formula 1 team with a glass, but said it was an unfortunate "completely unintentional" injury. He wanted to pour only the contents of his glass in Lux's face but the sharp edges of broken glass cut on impact and left a wound in Lux's neck which required 24 stitches. An S-shaped scar is left on Lux's neck as evidence of the night after the Chinese grand prix.

More on what might have happened on the night of the incident.

Alonso Races Massa In The Snow: Video

Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa race against each other in Ferrari road cars in the snow at the Ferrari Wrooom event in Madonna di Campiglio, Italy. Also included in the video is an interview with Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali were he discusses Alonso's and Massa's performances last year.

Rubens Barrichello In-Depth Interview

Brazilian Rubens Barrichello gives an extended interview on Peter Windsor's Fly Lap episode 51. On his current situation, Rubens says he is competing with two other drivers for the Williams seat. He doesn't name them but one is definitely fellow Brazilian Bruno Senna and the other probably German Adrian Sutil or Vitaly Petrov.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Kubica Injuries Leg Again

Robert Kubica has fractured his tibia after he slipped and fell on ice in Northern Italy, the Italian media are reporting. The 27-year-old Pole was reportedly taken to Viareggio hospital for x-rays on his right leg and foot before being transferred, at request, to the Pietra Ligure hospital which oversaw his recovery following his rally crash last February of which he is still undergoing rehabilitation.

It is alleged the fall has reopened the recently healed fracture on his right tibia bone. If the reports are accurate, the injury will only add a couple of weeks longer to his already near year long rehabilitation process from the rally crash.

Kubica's fall has happened the day Ferrari were downplaying rumours about the ex Renault F1 driver being lined up as a Felipe Massa 2013 replacement. When asked if it was their plan to test Kubica later this year, Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali replied "That was not on our plan, For sure Robert Kubica is a great driver that had a very severe injuries and at the moment he is still working very hard to try to go back to his normal living.

"So before any kind of thinking or discussion of whatever could be, we need to wait and see. For sure that kind of injury is taking a long time to recover so I can say we will wait and see if he is going to recover, but at the moment there is nothing in place."

Michael Johnson Partners Williams F1

Williams F1 has announced a partnership with the fitness organisation run by American Olympic legend Michael Johnson. Johnson won four Olympic gold medals and eight world championship gold medals and still holds record times at 300 m and 400 m and until a few years ago at 200 m.

Frank Williams: "I had the privilege of first meeting Michael at the Belgian Grand Prix in the late 1990s. I have always admired the dedication required to be an Olympic Champion. The attention to detail and the commitment required is what sets these extraordinary individuals apart from the rest of us. When Michael and I met again recently he explained how he had established a company that specialized in improving athletic performance. I was extremely keen to learn how he could help our team as there seemed to be a lot of areas of common interest.

"Michael's sporting achievements speak for themselves, and the principles he used to become the fastest man in the world are certainly transferable into our own hugely competitive field. Formula One is about all aspects of the race. We all know how crucial the brief time the car spends in the pits can be, and so it will be exciting to see how Michael and his team can help give us the edge in this respect. We're all really looking forward to working with them over the coming years."

Michael Johnson: "Everyone at Michael Johnson Performance is excited about our partnership with the Williams F1 Team. Williams is known around the world as one of the most successful teams in the history of Formula One and has achieved great success over the years and we look forward to helping them continue that winning tradition.

"I have been a huge Formula One fan since I first attended the Grand Prix at Spa in 1990 where I had the great privilege of meeting Sir Frank Williams. I am confident that the experience and biomechanics expertise of the MJP staff that has benefitted numerous American football athletes, Premier League football teams, and Olympic federations, can also benefit the Williams F1 Team pit crew in their goal to cut hundredths and even tenths of a second from their pit stop times."

Ferrari Strengthens It's Team

Ferrari have announced two new recruits to their team in a push to close the gap to runner away champions Red Bull. Stefano Domenicali outlined the new additions during his meeting with the media at the Wrooom Ferrari event in Madonna di Campiglio, Italy.

Domenicali: "From the 2 January, Steve Clark joins us from Mercedes to work as a track engineer, while also joining Ferrari is Hiroide Hamashima, previously Technical Director at Bridgestone Motorsport. He will head up a new project focusing on an in-depth assessment of an area crucial to performance, which is the interaction between the car and its tyres and he will also be our technical link to Pirelli. Both men will report to Technical Director, Pat Fry."

During 2011, both Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa struggled to get the best out of their tyres, particularly the harder compounds. Domencali alludes to the tyre problems the team had last year and discusses how Hamashima will work within the team, Domencali "Hamashima joins today and in the future we will get his contribution on the development of the car and the issue of tyres. There was an issue last year where we suffered in some conditions, and the goal is of having a major contribution from his part.

"He will be a reference for us - and we expect an important contribution from him. He knows the world of tyres. His knowledge is fundamental and we have used this occasion to strengthen our understanding in this area. Last year we were not that good in exploiting all the tyres we had in hand, so that is the reason why he has come into the team."

HRT Looking For Young Driver & Not Spanish

HRT team's technical boss Jacky Eeckelaert has given a few clues on the likely partner of current driver Pedro de la Rosa. Last years driver Vitantonio Liuzzi had a contract for 2012 but it has been complicated due to the team's sale to investment group Thesan Capital in July 2011.

Speaking to Belgian newspaper La Libre, Eeckelaert says "I don't think it's in the interests of the team to have a second Spanish driver" which rules out Jamie Alguersuari who according to what report you believe had already snubbed the struggling Spanish team.

"The same goes for the drivers approaching retirement," adds Eeckelaert, also ruling out Rubens Barrichello who they probably knew would not have entertained the idea of going to the back-marker team. Concerning Liuzzi, the HRT technical boss says "He hasn't really confirmed himself after several chances. We are looking more for a young driver with a lot of potential"

Drivers speculated for the role are Jerome d'Ambrosio and Vitaly Petrov. Bruno Senna seems to have the best chance of landing the vacant Williams seat with Brazil's richest businessman and Senna backer, Eike Batista saying recently Bruno already has the Williams drive. Although later denied by Bruno that a deal is done, the Brazilian must be in advanced talks as Batista saying he has the drive is a great deal more substantial than idle press speculation.

Apart from the seats available at HRT and Williams, there could also be another vacancy at Caterham as the team once again said Jarno Trulli has a contract for next year but did not confirm he will actually be racing.

Bahrain Latest: Employees Reinstated

While Bernie Ecclestone assures the 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix will go ahead barring some kind of catastrophe, at the weekend the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights called for the race to be cancelled. With It's own vice-president Nabeel Rajab allegedly beaten by security forces leading to their calls to teams and drivers to boycott the race.

On Monday a spokesman for the Bahrain International Circuit(BIC) insisted that all was well and that action had already been taken following the publication of a report in November which acknowledged that there had been human rights violations in the Gulf state. On Wednesday the Bahrain International Circuit has announced that its employees who were dismissed for participating in last year's protests have been reinstated.

Sheikh Salman bin Isa Al-Khalifa, Chief Executive of the Bahrain International Circuit, said "The reinstatement of our BIC colleagues is part of an important initiative towards national reconciliation and unity for the kingdom as a whole. I therefore welcome back our colleagues into the BIC family as we now look to focus on the future and the important job at hand.

"The Bahrain International Circuit, and in particular the Formula 1 Grand Prix, is of huge significance to our country, acting as a strong unifier, given the support it receives from all sections of Bahrain society. I now look forward to working with all BIC colleagues to ensure that we continue to provide world class track events, which every citizen of Bahrain can be proud to support."

Belgian GP Future To Be Decided

The loss making Belgian Grand Prix's future will be given clarity "within four or five weeks" the Belgium, Walloon region minister of economy Jean-Claude Marcourt told the Wallon Parliament Tuesday. Belgium website HLN.BE reports three months ago France approached the organisers of the Belgium GP with the idea of taking turns of hosting a race. Since then however nothing more has been heard from France according to the Belgian GP organisers.

The grand prix in Spa Francorchamps weighs on the Walloon finances and therefore the organisers of the event asked the Walloon goverment to study a variety of scenarios. One of the ideas is alternating with a neighbour with Germany also being mentioned along with France. Just this week Barcelona and Valencia has made it clear they are struggling with affording a grand prix.

99% of fans would be very happy to see the back of Barcelona and Valencia as they are strong candidates for always producing two of the most boring races on the calander. The opposite is true of the classic track at Spa Francorchamps which normally produces one of the highlights of the season.

Related: Bernie Ecclestone Discusses The Growing F1 Calendar 

Monday, 9 January 2012

Mercedes F1 Recruits Ferrari Man

Mercedes AMG F1 continue to strengthen their Formula team by poaching Ferrari tyre specialist Mark Fainello reports Turun Sanomat. The 47 year old Italian follows former Ferrari key men Ross Brawn, Aldo Costa and Michael Schmuacher to Mercedes.

Fainello has a clause in his contract so must take 'gardening leave' for a few months before joining up with his old colleagues. Mercedes had recently signed former Ferrari technical director Aldo Costa and former Red Bull & HRT technical director Geoff Willis.

Update 11 January:  Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali  has denied Marco Fainello is joining Mercedes, "He remains in Ferrari as a person responsible for simulation programmes, in terms of the industrial part of the group," Domenicali said.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Vettel vs Webber: The Stats So Far


In 2009 Sebatian Vettel was paired with Mark Webber for the first year of 3 together. Vettel ended the year as championship runner-up with 84 points and Webber 4th place with 69.5 points.

Vettel was 15 out of 17 times ahead of Webber in qualifying with the average gap 0.112secs and the average gap in qualifying position 3 places. Vettel obtained 4 pole positions during the year at China, Turkey, Great Britain and Japan, converting all to race wins except Turkey. Webber got 1 pole position which happened to be in Vettel's homeland Germany which Webber went on to convert to a win.

The races in 2009 were much closer than the qualifying with Vettel finishing higher than Webber 6 out of 10 races both completed. It works out Vettel finished 1 place higher than Webber on average per race. Vettel's race wins were China, Great Britain, Japan, Abu Dhabi with all the wins coming from pole except Abu Dhabi which was from 2 place on the grid. Webber's race wins were in Germany from pole and Brazil from 2nd place. Both ended the season with 3 fastest laps to their name.

Summary 2009
Vettel beats Webber Qualifying 15-2 & Races 6-4 with average qualifying gap 0.112secs.

Webber & Vettel, The beginning of a beautiful friendship?


In 2010 Vettel won the World Championship at the final race in Abu Dhabi and outscored Webber - 256 to 242 points.

As in the their first year together Vettel had a clear edge in qualifying beating Webber 12 times out of 19, but the average time difference was down to just 0.051secs. which was half the difference from 2009. The average qualifying position between the two was also much closer than a year earlier at just 0.5 of a place. Vettel obtained 10 pole positions while only converting 3 of them to wins. Webber got 5 pole positions and converted 2 of them to wins.

In races both completed Vettel finished ahead 10 times out of 15 which is surprising considering Webber was ahead on points going into the final race. Identical to qualifying was the 0.5 average position place gap in finished races with Vettel ahead again. Vettel finished the season with 5 wins compared to Webber's 4 wins. Identical to last year, they both ended the season with 3 fastest laps each.

Summary 2010
Vettel beats Webber Qualifying 12-7 & Races 10-5 with average qualifying gap 0.051secs.

Vettel is asked what he is getting Webber for his birthday.


In 2011 Vettel wins the championship for the 2nd time on 392 points with 3rd place man Webber on 258 points. Unlike the previous two years it was a very one sided contest mostly due to Webber's difficulty adapting to the new Pirelli tyres which was a double whammy leading to worse qualifying pace and higher wear in races.

Vettel out-qualified Webber 16 times out of 19 and toke pole position 15 times with Webber getting 3 pole positions. The average time gap in qualifying position was 10 times more than the year before at 0.517secs. On average Webber qualified 2.5 places behind the usual pole sitter Vettel.

In races it didn't get any better for Webber with Vettel finishing ahead 15 times out of 17 in races they both finished. The average race finishing position between them was 2 places. Vettel won 11 races with Webber just winning the season finale in Brazil where Vettel had his much speculated gearbox problems. Webber did though get one over Vettel by getting the most amount of fastest laps with 7 compared to Vettel's 3.

Summary 2009
Vettel beats Webber Qualifying 16-3 & Races 15-2 with average qualifying gap 0.517secs.


With the evidence above what is likely to happen in 2012? All the statics say Vettel has clearly had the edge so far.

2009 Qualifying 15-2 Races 6-4 with average qualifying gap  0.112secs.
2010 Qualifying 12-7 Races 10-5 with average qualifying gap 0.051secs.
2011 Qualifying 16-3 Races 15-2 with average qualifying gap 0.517secs.

It is hard to see any reason why 2012 isn't going to be more of the same although chances are it is going to be closer between them than last year as Webber continues to adjust better to the Pirelli tyres. Even though the above stats look horrible for Webber, it is worth noting he was only 0.05secs on average behind Vettel in qualifying 2010 and he was leading the Championship against Vettel heading into the final race.

If Webber does get on top of the tyres and also as expected the ban on exhaust blown diffusers play into his hands then just maybe he can turn this landslide around. Although it is a big ask for Webber to change the past form guide especially with the priority Vettel seems to have within the team.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Formula 1 Team-Mate Strength Comparisons

The one thing that can get a little annoying about Formula One is the inability to really know the best driver on the grid, given that they are all in different cars. To judge how good the cars are we look at how the driver performs and hence the problems of really knowing is it the driver or the car.

Prime example is Sebastian Buemi and Jamie Alguersuari in the Toro Rosso. They had no other team-mate in Formula 1 apart from each other so for a fan looking on it is really difficult to judge their capabilities as a driver. However it is sure the teams have a much clearer idea with masses of data on their car and drivers, but unfortunately the fans will never get to see such data.

The best way to judge the drivers is to see how they have done against other drivers in the past in the same machinery(team-mates). Some team-mate stats are set out below and the way it is done is if a driver beats his team-mate over one year that is 1-0 to him, and 2-0 for 2 years etc. To try to get as good a gauge as possible for current relevant strength and because it is a means of rating the current drivers against each other, - included are just comparisons against drivers who are still competing or have some sort of chance of getting a drive next year.

To save judging on technicalities and the need to see a clear difference in team-mates, Alonso and Hamilton equal points is down as equal even though Hamilton is deemed to have finished higher because of number of higher finishes. With the Team Lotus and Virgin team-mates, were no points were awarded it was really clear on average higher placed driver finishes over the season who came out on top.

Only drivers who have a completed a full season against another who has competed a whole season are shown, hence why no Kobayashi, Perez, Senna etc as either them or their team-mate didn't complete the full year.

In order of Championship standings this year. (R) means rookie.

Sebastian Vettel 3-0 Webber (732-569.5pts)  (3-0)

Jenson Button 1-1 Hamilton (484-467pts) ~ Button 3-1 Barrichello (160-118pts) ~ Button 1-0 Trulli (14-9pts)  (5-2)

Mark Webber 0-3 Vettel (569.5-732pts) ~ Webber 1-0 Rosberg(R) (7-4pts) (1-3)

Fernando Alonso 2-0 Massa (509-262pts) ~ Alonso 0-0 Hamilton(R) (109-109pts) ~ Alonso 1-0 Trulli (55-33pts) (3-0)

Lewis Hamilton 1-1 Button(467-484pts) ~ Hamilton 2-0 Kovalainen (147-75pts) ~ Hamilton(R) 0-0 Alonso (109-109pts) (3-1)

Felipe Massa 0-2 Alonso (262-509pts) ~ Massa 1-1 Raikkonen (191-185pts) ~ Massa 0-1 Schumacher (80-121pts) (1-4)

Nico Rosberg 2-0 Schumacher (231-148pts) ~ Rosberg(R)0-1 Webber (4-7pts) (2-1)

Michael Schumacher 0-2 Rosberg(148-231pts) ~ Schumacher 1-0 Massa(121-80pts) ~ Schumacher 5-0 Barrichello (678-412pts) (6-2)

Adrian Sutil 1-0 Di Resta (42-27pts) ~ Sutil 2-0 Liuzzi (52-21pts) (3-0)

Vitaly Petrov 0-1 Kubica  (27-136pts) (0-1)

Nick Heidfeld 2-1 Kubica (140-131pts) ~ Heidfeld 1-0 Raikkonen(R) (12-9pts) (3-1)

Paul Di Resta 0-1 Sutil (42-27pts) (0-1)

Sebastian Buemi 1-1 Alguersuari (23-31pts) (1-1)

Jamie Alguersuari 1-1 Buemi (31-23pts) (1-1)

Rubens Barrichello 1-0 Maldonado(R) (4-1pts) ~ Barrichello 1-0 Hulkenberg(R) (47-22pts) ~ Barrichello 1-3 Button (118-160pts) ~ Barrichello 0-5 Schumacher (412-678pts) (3-8)

Jarno Trulli 1-0 Glock (31-25pts) ~ Trulli 0-2 Kovalainen (1-2)

Heikki Kovalainen 2-0 Trulli (0-0pts) ~ Kovalainen 0-2 Hamilton (147-75pts) (2-2)

Timo Glock 1-0 D'Ambrosio (0-0pts) ~ Glock 0-1 Jarno Trulli (25-31pts) (1-1)

Robert Kubica 1-2 Heidfeld (131-140pts) ~ Kubica 1-0 Petrov(R) (27-136) (2-2)

Kimi Raikkonen 1-1 Massa (185-191pts) ~ Raikkonen 0-1 Heidfeld (9-12pts) (1-2)

Positive Against Team-Mates

Alonso, Vettel and Sutil (3-0) or (4-1)
Alonso's team mates(Massa, Hamilton, Trulli) and Vettel's team mates(Webber) were of a much higher standard than Sutil's(Liuzzi and rookie Di Resta).

Schumacher, Hamilton and Heidfeld (3-1) or (6-2)
In his first career Schumacher never lost to a team-mate in his 15 years in F1. Hamilton has had very high quality team mates his entire F1 career(Alonso, Button and to a lesser extent Kovalainen). Heidfeld's record isn't too shabby as he was 1-1 with Kubica and beat a young rookie called Kimi Raikkonen.

Button (5-2)
Beat Hamilton which no other team-mate achieved.

Rosberg (2-1)
Webber was the only team-mate to beat him which happened in Rosberg's rookie year which he started just aged 20.

Even Against Team-Mates

Kubica, Kovalainen,Trulli, Glock, Buemi and Alguersuari.

Negative Against Team-Mates

Raikkonen (1-2)

Petrov, Di Resta, Hulkenberg, Maldonado, D' Ambrosio (0-1) 
All were rookies.

Webber (1-3)

Barrichello (3-8)
5 years spent on the same team as statistically the best F1 driver of all time doesn't do your own team-mate stats any favours.

Massa (1-4)
Looks bad, but when you consider the team-mates were Schumacher, Alonso and Raikkonen - there are very few ranked above him that would have done much better.

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