Friday, 9 December 2011

Where Does Vitaly Petrov Go Now

Despite having a year left on his contract, Vitaly Petrov has lost his Lotus Renault seat to Roman Grosjean. It is rumoured Petrov was the preferred driver choice as recently as a few days ago and with Grosjean testing a BMW DTM car just this week backs the claim.

So how did it go wrong for Petrov?
Part of the problem according to motorsport-total is that Lada still owes Lotus Renault money, allegedly because Vladimir Putin was busy in recent weeks with the election in Russia. Also Grosjean became more attractive with extra funds from French oil company Total becoming available with the fellow French driver.

What now for the Vyborg Rocket?
What helps Petrov greatly is the Russian grand prix scheduled for 2014 making both Putin and Bernie Ecclestone wanting to see the Russian in Formula 1. The likeliest destination for Petrov is with the mostly Russian owned team of Marussia-Virgin.

Charles Pic was recently signed by Marussia so it is unlikely he will be replaced. The key is that Marussia's other driver Timo Glock has a get out clause in his contract if he gets an offer from a better team which right now looks like any team!

Update 10 December: Rumours of an announcement next Friday from Marussia concerning Petrov.

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