Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Webber's Tasmania Challenge Video Day 1

Video highlights of Mark Webber's Tasmania Challenge which all proceeds from are donated to charity. Talking about the challenge and the rewards of the fundraising in the Daily Mail Webber says "It's so nice to get letters from families and loved ones to say they've benefited from the unit that I've built in Melbourne, We raised over $1 million in the last few years so it's been very, very rewarding.

"You can have an event like this where people can test themselves. It's not just a 5k fun run, but it's an event where people have got to apply themselves, be disciplined and learn a lot more about themselves, and the flip side of that is we can then offload what we can financially to the people who really need it."

Full Daily Mail article here were Webber discusses Bahrain, contracts and next year.

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