Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Rosberg On Schumacher "He's not what you would call a bastard"

Interviewed by Gazzetta dello Sport, Nico Rosberg was asked was he surprised to be beating his team-mate Michael Schumacher on arrival at Mercedes. Rosberg replies "Very much so, even though I had expected I would do well. I knew it would be very tough to beat him, that's why I'm happy with what I've done both last year and this year.

"He's not what you would call a bastard. When I ask him a question, he never lies to me. You can work with him. That was a nice surprise, after having heard so many rumours." Wonder where them rumours originate from and it is nice that Nico clears it up that Schumacher is in fact not "a bastard" or does not lie when asked questions by team-mates!

Nico goes on to firmly deny any favoritism exists in the team because of Brawn's long relationship with the seven time world champion. "On the track I always have the same opportunities he has. I'm lucky to be in such a situation, because in this case too I had expected worse, considering that Brawn and Michael have been working together for a lifetime. Instead Ross is equidistant. He's a phenomenal reference point for me too." says Rosberg

Rosberg admits he expected more from Mercedes when he joined but is looking forward to next year hoping Mercedes recent technical director recruitment campaign will make a difference. Rosberg says "I decided to stay because I'm sure the situation will change, Mercedes is doing everything to create a winning structure. Ross Brawn has told me Aldo Costa is great and the other new technicians are very good too.

"Almost all my friends are Italian, support Ferrari and ask me when I will drive a red car. But I'm not falling for it, because I'm German and to carry on driving for Mercedes is the greatest thing. I just lack a winning car, but I'm sure I'll have it in 2012. I can't wait."

Funny Nico should say about all his friends wanting him to drive a red car because the source of the "Rosberg to Ferrari" rumours in late summer appeared to have been started by one of Nico's friends saying he visited Maranello!

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