Friday, 9 December 2011

Mark Webber's Dad Thoughts On Mark

Allan Webber has admitted he thought Mark missing out on the Championship last year "knocked him about a little bit". Allan working as an official at the five-day Swisse Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge was interviewed by The Mercury, Tasmania's largest daily newspaper.

Allan bought Mark his first go-Kart at aged 14 and says "We started from humble beginnings, and it's all worked out pretty well. He's a pretty popular lad all around the world, really, and hopefully that's got something to do with his upbringing. He's got a wicked sense of humour, and that's good."

Last year Webber was in touching distance of the championship going into the final race and Allan says "I think not winning the championship last year knocked him about a little bit, I think he will be stronger next year and I really hope he can do better."

Webber won the DHL trophy for the highest number of fastest laps this year but had difficulties putting together a good whole GP weekend. The main issue was adjusting to the characteristics of new Pirelli tyres. Also continually loosing places of the start line further compromised his race strategies.

Webber also especially at the start of the season had the main car trouble in the team so here is hoping like Allan that Mark has a lot stronger 2012.

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