Monday, 12 December 2011

Bernie Says Hamilton's Management A Disaster

Bernie Ecclestone has criticised Lewis Hamilton's management company labeling it a disaster for Hamilton. The 2008 F1 world champion was previously managed by his father Anthony until the beginning of the 2010 season. Hamilton is now managed by XIX Entertainment which is run by Simon Fuller, whose clients include the Beckhams, Jennifer Lopez, Annie Lennox, Will Young and Andy Murray.

For the first year in Formula 1, Hamilton has ended the season beaten by his team mate and Ecclestone speaking to the Guardian suggests the McLaren driver's influences off the track had a part to play, "I think he had some personal problems during the year which affected him quite a lot. A lot to do with these things, it depends an awful lot on the people you surround yourself with, and who are in a position to influence you. I think he just fell into a lot of people that I think weren't good for him. When his dad was looking after him, his dad was a bit more - obviously it didn't suit Lewis, which was why they split, I think he didn't appreciate how much help his dad was." said the F1 Supremo.

About Hamilton's management company XIX Entertainment, Bernie says "I think it's a disaster" Ecclestone adds "He gets to meet people that probably he wouldn't have met, and [who] have probably the wrong sort of influence on him. He's at the age, perhaps, and he has the amount of money, where when he's influenced, he can carry things through, which he wouldn't normally have done."

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