Thursday, 29 December 2011

Alonso Still Says Schumacher The Man To Beat

Fernando Alonso was asked by TotalRace who he would like to challenge, either in kart racing, street cars or Formula 1. The Spaniard without hesitation replied "I would choose Michael Schumacher, who will always be a champion for all of us, because we respect a a driver who was seven times world champion. He is a driver who has nothing more to prove and was always very fast."

42 year old Schumacher has not made it to the podium since his comeback began in 2010 but Alonso blames it on the under performing Mercedes car. "We know that in Formula 1, the car is the most important part and we know that Mercedes did not have a very good year," says Alonso.

"But I believe that if they have a competitive car, capable of winning races, both [Nico] Rosberg and Michael can be favorites. We have to respect them," adds the Ferrari driver.

Watch Schumacher race Sebastian Vettel at this years Race Of Champions to see if Alonso is talking much sense!

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