Monday, 21 November 2011

Vergne Says He Would Do No Worse Than Webber

After an impressive young drivers test in Abu Dhabi, Red Bull tester Jean-Eric Vergne has claimed he would be as good as regular driver Mark Webber if given the chance.

In an interview by French news magazine Le Nouvel Observateur Vergne says "When I came back (from the test) I saw the comments of (engineering boss) Ian Morgan and they were very positive, I cannot hide it, I know that the top teams are cautious of young drivers, the only one (McLaren) that dared to go with a young guy recently was Hamilton, and it worked.

"We have had a similar preparation, I did three days of testing and physically had no problems. So I think if I was put in the Red Bull, I would do no worse than Webber. That's my impression, anyway, after these tests.

"But I know that the road is still long and where I go next is Brazil. This is my last practice session with Toro Rosso before I know what I will be doing next season"

Update: Vergne's friend and mentor Renaud Derlot, who has been involved with the Frenchman's career for the past seven years, has told commentator Jean-Louis Moncet's Auto Plus blog; "I can tell you that how the journalist quoted Jean-Eric is wrong. I record everything he (Vergne) says and I was the only one to do it that day because the journalist did not. I spoke with the journalist last night and he apologised not only to me but also to Jean-Eric." says Derlot.

Below an onbard of Vergne in the RB7 doing a few laps at a wet Silverstone track.

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