Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Massa Tells Barrichello To Retire

Felipe Massa has advised fellow Brazilian Rubens Barrichello to retire rather than seek out sponsorship to continue his career.

39 year old, 11 grand prix winner Barrichello revealed this week he has been looking for sponsors to increase the chances of keeping his Williams seat for 2012. If Rubens is successful it would be his 20th consecutive season on the grid.

Reported in the Brazilian media Massa says "In my opinion, Rubens has had an incredible career in Formula One, driven for the best teams and won races. Many drivers would love to have had his career.

"What I said was not 'to run, you're old', What I would advise is to stop racing, because of his team and everything that is happening in the category, There are 12 teams and at least 6 of them ask for money from their drivers. For the career that Rubens has had, I cannot see him ending this way, needing to pay to race in Formula 1."

On Brazilian television network Rede Globo, Barrichello responds in kind to Massa's advice. Rubens says "Felipe is coming from the side of a caring friend. 'It's not worth you suffer,' he says. I've heard that a lot of various people, including my father"

It is interesting to note Felipe gave Rubens the same advice in 2008 and we all know what happened the next year with Barrichello getting two wins and fighting for the championship in the Brawn.

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