Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Top 5 Massa & Smedley Radio Transmissions

Ferrari's Rob Smedley serves us up another classic radio transmission and not for the first time. Here are the top 5 with most light hearted but the most controversial one in particular turned this longtime Ferrari fan into someone who enjoys seeing them being beat by a drinks company.

Just a note first "destroy his race" was not meant to mean make Lewis Hamilton crash otherwise why would Rob have broadcast it to the world and why would the telemetry make the stewards give Hamilton a penalty and Massa none?

"Well done sunshine" after winning the 2007 Spanish GP

"Who is the Daddy of Brazil" after getting pole in the 2008 Brazilian GP

"Destroy his race as much as we can" before Hamilton runs into the back of him in the Singapore GP 2011. The message would mean nothing only for the fact Hamilton locked his front left break and collided into Massa's tyre about a lap later. Anybody who thinks Smedley's words were meant to make Hamilton crash rather than hold him up really need to consider. Firstly why would Smedley broadcast it when he knows everyone can hear it and secondly why after the stewards looked at the telemetry Hamilton got a drive through penalty and Massa no penalty.

"Felipe baby stay cool" when Massa was getting irritated with his visor and light conditions while waiting for the 2009 Malaysian GP to resume.

"OK, so, Fernando is faster than you" when Massa was leading Alonso in the 2010 German GP and heading for an emotional win exactly a year after nearly loosing his life. It later turned out Fernando was faster at that particular time because his engine settings were turned up for as Massa's weren't.

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