Sunday, 2 October 2011

Smedley Tells Massa To Destroy Hamilton's Race

The official Singapore race edit is a revealing one. Rob Smedley tells Felipe Massa to "Hold Hamilton as much as we can, Destroy his race as much as we can" before Hamilton connects with Massa's rear tyre causing Massa a puncture and Hamilton a drive through penalty.

It still looks like it is Hamilton's fault if you really have to blame someone. It would be better though if the stewards would not feel the need to get involved in every single incident unless it is a really dangerous deliberate move by a driver which Hamilton's clearly was not.

We want racing not penalties and if they really must penalize every single thing then it is not too much to ask to get some consistency into it. You can't expect fairness in decisions every race if the stewards are changed for every race.

Having one former F1 driver is good but not when there is a history involved with any driver on the current grid. Damon Hill on the panel of stewards for a Schumacher incident is ridiculous as is Heinz Harold Frentzen. Not necessarily for the fact they would automatically be harsh but for the fact they might be too light because people would blame them for being harsh. It's an impossible situation for all involved and would be best not to happen.

The other thing is why with all the radio messages we are played during the grand prix, FOM would choose not to play the best until a week later when most fans will never find out it happened! Not great, is it?

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