Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Schumi More 'Relaxed' Since Comeback

Michael Schumacher has admitted he has a more relaxed attitude since coming back to the sport after a 3 year break. The Schumacher of old was known for his intense and standoffish attitude. Speaking to the Cologne tabloid Express, Schumacher: "It is a fact that I am somewhat more relaxed than I was before, No question.

"I just have much more experience and simply know what is necessary at what moment, I know when I need to be concentrated and when I can ease up."

Discussing his comparison to team mate Nico Rosberg, Schumacher says "To be first, one must first have his team mate under control. That is very possible. Especially as regards the race situation, I'm not in my opinion so far away"

It seems the main problem with Schumacher's comeback is Rosberg's speed in qualifying. Alex Wurz, Rosberg's  former team mate at Williams stated when he retired, Rosberg had to be the best in the paddock at qualifying. With Schumacher his greatest strength was always in the race with the pole record the last of the records he beat in F1 supporting this claim.

The good news for the seven times World Champion is when it comes to the Sunday he has been the quicker Mercedes driver of late but unfortunately keeps getting involved in incidents that ruin his race. He has had the lion's share of bad luck in the team retiring in both Monaco and Hungary with reliability issues. To properly access Shumacher's comeback the big question is, how really good is Nico Rosberg?

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