Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Schumacher Considering Retirement Again?

Michael Schumacher has been dropping some hints he might have had enough of his comeback. Speaking to Corriere dello Sport Schmacher says "I arrived at Mercedes with a specific task: not winning at all costs but to grow the team,

"If anything, I am the problem: it is a fact that I am a bit more relaxed than before and I do not know if my mindset is right for this team.

"I have experience, I can estimate when it is necessary to concentrate. But I do not know if my mind-set is right for the team, in some time we will evaluate whether to continue or stop in F1"

Schumacher is contracted for one more year of his three year comeback. When Ross Brawn was asked previously on which side the option to continue for the final year was he replied "Michael's"

If Schumacher does retire at the end of the year, Paul Di Resta is strong favorite for the vacant seat at Mercedes.

Update: Schumacher's manager Sabine Kehm as responded to the retirement rumors by saying  it is "All nonsense." 

Kehm continues "Since he returned to F1, Michael has not spoken to anyone from Corriere dello Sport, he is full of passion for the project and regards it as an exciting challenge to build something big together with Mercedes. 

"That it is sometimes tough only encourages him more, Someone who will soon celebrate their 20th anniversary in formula one knows that perseverance is what makes the difference."

That sounds more like the Schumacher we know and love or some loathe! 

Schumacher's response You Will Have To See Me In 2012

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