Monday, 1 August 2011

Marko: 2012 Could Be Webber's Last In F1

Red Bull Racing team consultant Helmut Marko has claimed 2012 could be Mark Webber's last season in Formula One. Marko is famously known for being much closer to Webber's team mate Sebastian Vettel and a dig at Webber is certainly nothing new.

The latest being Marko stating to broadcaster One "Mark will probably retire next year. We are therefore looking for a junior from the Red Bull stable to succeed him."

Ironically, the leading junior could well be Webber's fellow countryman Daniel Ricciardo, who is being evaluated by Red Bull while driving for backmarker team HRT.

About Riccardo Marko says "First of all, he has to beat his teammate, and he has to progress, He is losing too much in the pitstops, and losing too much when he is being lapped so he must get the feeling. And we want him to fight with the people who are around him."

Since Webber has got to grips with the new tyres there has been very little to choose between him and Vettel like it was last year. Unless Mark suddenly can't challenge his team mate anymore or the Red Bull competitiveness suddenly disappears I find it hard to believe Webber will retire.

Below is Webber's BBC interview after the Hungarian Grand Prix.

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