Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Jordan Gives Schumacher New Clutch 20 Yrs Late

Eddie Jordan who Michael Schumacher first raced for 20 years ago in his debut had a special gift to mark the occasion. Jordan presented Schumacher with a new clutch albeit 20 years late as a defect one might well have cost the seven time world champion victory in his debut race.

Wind back 20 years, in the words of Schumacher "The background was that we had problems with the coupling in the warmup. At the briefing I pointed out that the clutch slips. We talked about the hot heads, whether we should change it or not, but Eddie finally said that it costs too much money." Guess Eddie can afford it a bit easier now!

The entire paddock had been invited to the Mercedes motor home for the celebration with beer and sausages. Only the Red Bull drivers failed to show up as they had an over running technical meeting no doubt talking about camber and blistering tyres! Even Rubens Barrichello was their after Schumacher missed his 300th GP-start celebration a year ago and the both aren't exactly the closest best buds.

After brief speeches by Norbert Haug, Ross Brawn and Ferrari's team principal Stefano Domenicali the gifts were handed over. Mercedes with a photo of Schumacher's Le Mans car which he used to race for them. Ferrari handed it's most successful driver the engine cover of the unbeatable 2004 Ferrari which he won 13 races with. Schumacher joked "can we screw the part onto our Mercedes tomorrow?"

In his speech Ross Brawn regretted that he did not give Michael the best equipment available, talking about the wheel coming of before a qualifying lap could be completed. Brawn added "We promise to do better tomorrow"

Do better was exactly what they did, helping Schumacher end up 5th in a sensational drive from the back.
Unfortunately missed by the standard FOM TV feed was a classic double overtake of the two Virgins who were side by side at the time with Schumacher faking one side then passing them both on the other side.

Unfortunately FOM feel the need to keep footage like that hidden away so no one can see it as they keep deleting footage of race action so it may be hard to find now. I replaced Schumi's on board opening laps a couple times because they were unreal but FOM keep invoking the copyright. That's their great way of promoting the sport... give a rubbish feed that misses basically everything then after the race ban every type of footage and just make available a 5 minute highlight video about a month later. Sounds like something else that's planned next year!

How Schumacher Went From 24th To 14th In 2 Laps Video

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