Monday, 1 August 2011

Briatore: Alonso Deserves To Be The Best Driver In History

Former Renault F1 team boss and current Fernando Alonso manager Flavio Briatore has yet again heaped some very big praise on the two time F1 Champion. Speaking to Spanish radio station Onda Cero Briatore says "Fernando deserves to be the best driver in history.

"He has decided to stay at Ferrari until the end of his career and hopefully Ferrari gives a car were Alonso can win more titles than Schumacher"

Briatore says Fernando at present is the best of the current drivers. Briatore: "There are five or six very good drivers and Fernando is the best. Then there are Hamilton, Vettel, Button and Webber. Rosberg is very good too, despite not having a car that can compete.

"Fernando is doing wonderful things but does not have the car like Red Bull and McLaren. Vettel is the youngest and fastest and being world champion has given him more confidence. If Fernando drove a Red Bull he would win by a huge amount, which we must respect the Red Bull because engineers have done a spectacular car."

Briatore himself doesn't rule out making a return to Ferrari to work with Alonso stating "in life you never know"

Alonso post race BBC interview below.

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