Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Sutil Crashes Supercar At Nurburgring

Sutil walks away from the Gumpert Apollo
Adrian Sutil has not had the best of starts to his home grand prix weekend after crashing at the old Nurburgring circuit. Sutil was driving a Gumpert Apollo around the 28 kilometer Nordschleife circuit which is adjacent to the modern and much shorter circuit now used by Formula 1. 

Sutil's victim a Gumpert Apollo supercar
Sutil is aledged to have had a minor crash at the north loop section and was photographed walking away. Also showed by photos the car has only suffered minor superficial damage although that car doesn't exactly look the cheapest of things to patch up.

Update: Sutil talking about the crash "Well, it was made up to be very dramatic but it was just a technical problem that I had. I went out of the pits and something was broken at the rear of the car so I lost control at a very slow speed and I touched a barrier at about 10km/h and that’s it.

"Nothing really major was broken. I stopped the car there because it was not good to go back to the pits like that and I changed the car. There were a few more cars there, same ones and I had a good day, three great laps in this Gumpert Apollo, a very fast car, very amazing around this place and that was it. 

"When I read the newspaper the next day, I was laughing really hard because they said I lost all my teeth and I just made it out of the carbon wreck of this car and I thought, OK, well, that was lucky then. So I’m in one piece and in good shape and it was just nothing to mention, really."

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