Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A Special Place For Massa & Alonso

Hungary is a special place for both Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso. Massa because of his near fatal accident their two years ago. Felipe writing in his Ferrari blog "Since the accident, I have a lot of fans there: I don’t think they became my fans because of the accident, but rather because I spent some time in Budapest and made a full recovery, which was like a victory for me and the people here felt part of that victory."
Hungary is special for Alonso too as he took his first Formula One win at Budapest in 2003. Fernando recollecting in his blog "It was a very emotional day, the memory of which will always stay with me." The former two time world champion also celebrates his 30th birthday on Friday and is hoping for a good surprise. Both Alonso and Massa are expecting the Ferrari to preform better in the warmer temperatures of Hungary than the extreme coldness of the Nurburgring.

Below is a Ferrari review of the German GP from Diego Loverno (Head of chassis & gearbox assembling) and team principal Stefano Domenicali. Loverno talks about what went wrong in the pit stop that cost Massa 4th place to Sebastian Vettel.


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