Wednesday, 6 July 2011

South Africa GP Deal Weeks Away

Cape Town could host a Formula 1 Grand Prix within two years reports Eyewitness News. Africa is currently the only continent without a Grand Prix highlighted by Force India's deputy chief Bob Fernley at the last Fota Fans Forum. The purposed street circut is to be set in the very scenic layout around the Waterfont and Mouille Point areas.

Bernie Ecclestone states "I’m hoping we can make a decision as soon as our lawyers have a good look at them... within the next couple of weeks, It'll be good to be back in South Africa. We were very happy when it was here in the past."

Negotiations for a return to South Africa broke down in 2005 but Ecclestone is more hopeful this time, "In fact in one case, we had more or less a contract in place and then something went wrong... I think we may be a little bit closer than what we had been for a long time, As soon as we get a contract in place, which we are working on now, then it will go from there quickly - I hope within two years" states Ecclestone

The last South African Grand Prix, at the Kyalami circuit, was won by Alain Prost in 1993.

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