Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Silverstone Circuit Map & Betting Favourites

DRS detection zone is just before Turn 3 (Village), with the activation zone shortly after Turn 4.

The betting favorites for the British Grand Prix are

  • S Vettel - 2/1
  • L Hamilton - 8/1
  • F Alonso - 8/1
  • M Webber - 8/1
  • J Button - 15/1
  • F Massa - 70/1
  • N Rosberg - 120/1
  • M Schumacher - 140/1
Massa at 70/1 certainly the most tempting as Ferrari is bringing upgrade package and is also the team likely to benefit most from the blown diffuser clampdown. All we need then is Alonso to be taken out somewhere and Lewis is probably best bet to take care of that! 

    Problem though is, even if Ferrari do make big progress it is still hard to imagine them ahead of Red Bull as Silverstone and the tyre allocations for it are more suited to Red Bull compared to Ferrari than the last three Grands Prix which were at street circuits.

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