Friday, 8 July 2011

Schumacher Won't Walk Early

Michael Schumacher has scotched any rumours he might retire at the end of the year. Further speculation started at the European Grand Prix where it was revealed by Ross Brawn the third year of the contract was an option on Schumacher's side.

Speaking ahead of the British Grand Prix, Schumacher states he is firmly commited to the three year program. Schumacher "I always had the option to stop at any time I wanted, but I aim for an achievement and a fixed time. I have always said it's a three-year programme and that's what it is."

Schumacher who had his greatest race since comeback at Canada two races ago says he was still getting back to his best. When asked about his comeback the seven time champion states

"I feel good first of all, and you always improve, In all my first 16 years of F1 I always have felt that I constantly developed, maybe in smaller rates than you do initially. And so I do."

"It actually took a while to get back in to the habit of the whole working arrangement and I guess that's a lot more easy for me now, but I still do understand that I am learning how to work with the team and how to get the car to work for me."

"This is a constant development and I am certainly not yet at 100%, although you could probably say you never can be. You always judge your performance possibility with the car that you have in hand," he said. "It was like that in the past and so it is now, and you try to maximise this."

"If you achieve that you can be happy about yourself, if not you can be unhappy. You keep working. You know that only through work and steady development you may arrive back to the top as it happened to me in the past. There is no magic to arrive up front. It's all about timing, steady progress, staying motivated and working hard."

When asked about the progress of his fellow German and good friend Sebastian Vettel threatening some of Schumi's own many records.

"Records are there to be broken by whoever, and Sebastian is on the way. I just have good feelings about this, seeing him, how he has developed, it relates to the story of how I made Formula One popular in Germany, increasing the interest for the motor industry that has supported these young kids to get their chance. He took his, and has learned from everything he could, and it is great to watch that." comments Schumacher.

In terms of Schumacher's own race this weekend he was wanting a wet race like Canada to overcome the cars deficiency's.

"In the rain we could talk about a podium, whereas in the dry, although we might have an improvement in the car, a podium would be out of reach." adds Schumacher.

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