Sunday, 31 July 2011

Renault Goes On Fire Then Blows Up

Jenson Button may have been fastest to the finish of the race today but award for fastest to get out of an F1 car goes to Nick Heidfeld. After a long pit-stop the Lotus Renault catches fire when rejoining the race track, leading to Heidfeld stopping and bailing out as quickly as possible. With Heidfeld safely away a marshal gets hit by a mini explosion from the stricken Renault.

Nick Heidfeld: "My second pit stop was longer than expected, the car overheated and I noticed smoke coming from the rear. It worsened, and then I noticed the flames so I had to pull over at the end of the pit lane and cut my race short."

Team Princapal, Eric Boullier: "Nick had some misfortune once again after a visit to the pits; his second pit stop was held up after a problem with one of the wheels, and the car is not designed to stay running on high revs for so long so it caught fire."

Chief Race Engineer, Alan Permane: "In his second pit stop we had a problem with one of the wheel nuts meaning that the car was sat at high revs for a long time. This meant a build-up of heat which caused a fire. Although it looked spectacular it was only a small part of bodywork which burnt on the left-hand sidepod."

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