Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Red Bull Boss Says Webber Will Definitely Be Re-Signed

Image by Infinti Global
Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz says Mark Webber will definitely be with the outfit next year. Mateschitz speaking to Autosport "Mark Webber will re-sign with us, This will happen for sure."

"He is very popular within the team, he feels very comfortable and it is an excellent relationship. He knows this and we know it."

"To be honest, Mark has no better choice than the fastest car and we have no better choice for a fast driver."

When questioned about Webber disobeying team orders and attempting to pass Vettel at the British Grand Prix Mateschitz states "This is no problem for us, Sebastian realised that Fernando Alonso was gone and could not be caught anymore, so he backed down. This let Mark close in. He would be a very bad racer had he not tried to attack and gain a position."

Two things to be learned from this are what a cool guy Mateschitz is with what he said about Webber disobeying the orders and the other thing is not to trust German tabloids concerning Kimi Räikkönen comebacks!

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