Monday, 18 July 2011

Liuzzi HRT Seat Under Threat By Javier Villa

23 year old Spaniard Javier Villa, who drives a BMW in the world touring car championship, has reportedly been targeted to replace Vitantonio Liuzzi at Hispinia. Speaking to Italiaracing Villa states "Yes, it's all true, I have a good chance to debut in F1 with Hispania"

The Italian report said Villa could start off with a Friday practice driving role in the very near future before he makes his grand prix debut in Liuzzi's place in the final Grand Prix of the year in Brazil

"F1 is a great and definitely unexpected opportunity," said Villa's advisor Jose Ramon Galan. "We'll see how the situation evolves."

Hispania's new owner Thesan Capital business plan is to bring an all Spanish theme to the team and has identified Spaniard Villa as fitting the role.

It's good to bring new talent into F1 but you have to question HRT's logic in having two rookies in still a very new team, but guess that depends if Daniel Riccardo moves on up the grid next year and who replaces him.

Limiting your team talent from one specific country also seems somewhat questionable in such a a competitive world as Formula 1. It's like the future HRT team motto is going to be " still slowest but more importantly still 100% Spanish"

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