Friday, 15 July 2011

Kimi Räikkönen Resume

With the talk of a Kimi Räikkönen comeback for Red Bull looking highly unlikely now, lets profile Kimi for other potential F1 comeback employers.

Introduction & Reference

It is important to have references for prospective employment so none better than a heart warming introduction from Kimi's former team mate Juan Pablo Montoya.

Kimi Media Skills

Lewis Hamilton said recently negotiation on a new McLaren contract will pencil him in to a lot less media responsibility's. Kimi comes out on top here by showing he doesn't mind always being ready to give a good interview for his many fans.

Kimi flashes his well rounded media persona by always being up for a good picture too.

Kimi Fan Skills

Politicians kiss babies for the good publicity so not to be out done Kimi shows potential bosses his nurturing abilities.

 Kimi Hobbies

Nowadays it seems every sports personality is caught up in their own life but not Kimi as he knows he always has to go the extra mile to impress that future team boss.

Kimi Work Experience

Ross Brawn said recently one of the things that made Michael Schumacher so great was his work ethic. Kimi owns this area by constantly showing rugged grit and determination in the face of adversity and never giving up.

Kimi The Man The Myth
Last but not least, Kimi shows just give him that job interview and no one would resist hiring The Iceman.

All jokes aside, we want Räikkönen back in F1 rather than wasting his immense talent at rallying, partying and NASCAR.

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