Friday, 22 July 2011

Hamilton: We Definitely Can’t Challenge For Pole

Lewis Hamilton has dismissed McLaren's chances of pole on Saturday. In the practice sessions Hamilton ended up fifth in the morning and seventh in the afternoon, a second off pacesetter Red Bull's Mark Webber.

Hamilton speaking after second practice "It’s been a productive day for us. I think we went through all the running plans that we had, I think our race pace is perhaps closer than we had in the last race, which is a good thing, I think we seem to be maybe two or three tenths off at least the Ferraris, and then over a single lap they've definitely got about a second on us.

"We’re still pushing as hard as we can, the car’s feeling quite good. It’s just we can’t go any faster through the corners just through the car sliding. So we’re just going to refine the setup, see if we can find some more downforce."

Lewis admits they are at least looking better than Silverstone, "The engine mode that we had in Barcelona and, for example, in Valencia works a lot better than what we had in Silverstone. Just on that long run just there compared to the others it seemed two or three tenths, which is much, much better than the last race.

"We’re down on downforce; that’s the only thing that stops me and Jenson from doing the same laps as them. We just carry the same speed through the corners. Nonetheless, we have made improvements this weekend, we’ve had some small updates which have been good. We need to just keep on going in that direction.

"The race is a completely different thing. Obviously, the Ferraris and the Red Bulls are still massively quick, so we expect to probably be just behind them. Anything can happen in the race. Who knows if it’s going to rain?

"We definitely can’t challenge for pole, but then having said that, we don’t know what fuel level everyone is on. So we might be pleasantly surprised tomorrow to find that we are heavier than others, and that again brings us closer. But historically, that’s not the case."

The weather forecast is for rain on Sunday so hopefully it will happen and also hopefully the safety car won't be overly used like the last couple of wet races.

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