Monday, 18 July 2011

Formula 1 Jet Canopy Test

A test by the FIA Institute to find out what happens when you fire a Formula One wheel and tyre into a jet fighter canopy at 225km/h.

The FIA have been investigating the benefits and drawbacks of adding a closed cockpit to drivers. Felipe Massa's near fatal accident two years ago instigated the research and full scientific results have now been presented to the Formula One Technical Working Group(TWG).

Discussions on the implementation of cockpit canopies would have to take into account numerous negatives, such as visibility, optical quality, ventilation, cleaning, access and emergency exit by the driver.

The Institute’s technical adviser Andy Mellor states "We’re not looking at any of these things at the moment, This test was purely to look into the mechanical safety effect. Now that we have data on that, we can move towards a decision on what’s next."

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