Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Former Champs Advise Hamilton Against Red Bull Jumping

Two former champions have advised Lewis Hamilton to not leave McLaren for Red Bull. Hamilton has been the subject of speculation since he met up with Red Bull's team principal Christian Horner at the Canadian GP.

A recent article in The Daily Mail suggests Hamiliton has a get out clause in his contract which can be triggered if he or the Woking based team do not win either the drivers' or constructors' titles.The newspaper did not reveal the source, but it said Hamilton's contract was negotiated by his father Anthony, assisted by a corporate lawyer. The contract is set to expire next year.

Former world champion Jacques Villeneuve is adamant leaving for Red Bull would be a mistake. Villeneuve states "No way, he would be taken there just to pump the image of Vettel, Why should he go there? He's protected at McLaren, they love him there, they gave him his career, he should be thankful."

"He should never have the right to be angry at them for anything. Without them he would never have raced, he would never have had a career even in the smaller categories. So, be happy." adds Jacques who wasted most of his F1 career stuck at BAR.

Nigel Mansell has also came out in support of Hamilton staying at McLaren. Mansell: "It might be a mistake if he changes team. He hasn't exactly had a drought. I'd stay with McLaren and the people who've supported him in thick and thin."

"You'd have to be fortunate to be offered [a Red Bull drive] but for me Lewis has had an amazing career with McLaren, Michael Schumacher proved by staying with Ferrari if you can have the support of a team totally behind you, then you can build on that year on year."

"Sebastian has made less mistakes than any other driver this year, he is defending the world championship in a far better manner than he won it, he's matured beyond all belief and he is riding the crest of a wave and doing a fantastic job."

"It's up to everybody else to do a better job and to start beating him." adds Mansell. Rather hard Nigel when you are in a car that has been slower the last couple of seasons and you Nigel are advising him to stay their.

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