Friday, 8 July 2011

Circuits Still Voice Concerns Over V6 Turbo Sounds

Silverstone managing director Richard Philips has expressed concerns a minority of fans could turn their back on F1 if the new greener engines are implemented in 2014. Philips brings up the valid point that it is actually travel and other things involved in the F1 season which are more environmentally unfriendly than the actual racing. These he states are not being addressed.

Asked by Autosport how genuine the worries are, Philips: "Our concern is because we have taken on a 17-year deal, which it is not a cheap thing to do. You have a big crowd coming at the moment, but what if they don't like 1600cc engines and 15,000 rpm? It only takes 10,000 - 15,000 people not to come and it makes a huge difference. That is where we make our money; it is the top end of it."

"So we are objecting because of that. We also think that the footprint of the racing is not much of an issue from a carbon footprint point of view. It is probably more the travel and other things that are far greater and they are not really addressing that."

"If we were consulted and re-assured that these things will not be an issue, and we felt consulted, then I don't think we would have such an issue, But to have it forced upon you? We live with the commercial ramifications of it, they don't. We are not disagreeing; We are all up for greener motorsport and doing what we can."

"I have no problem with the green agenda. We are so close to being a fence sitter on this, but we are just worried about the crowd. If that did go wrong, we know it is right at the minute, but to say, yes that is absolutely fine, and then it turned out not to be: that would be very serious as a promoter."

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