Friday, 29 July 2011

Brawn: Yes I've Made Mistakes

Ross Brawn admits he made mistakes in the transition from his World Championship winning team Brawn to best of the rest team Mercedes. Speaking to German tabloid Bild Brawn states "Yes, I've made some mistakes. My choices were not always perfect, the transition (from Brawn GP to Mercedes) has taken too long.

"At the factory we undertook two difficult tasks in parallel: correcting the problems with the car and simultaneously making improvements to the structure in order to avoid problems in the future."

When prompted about the current problems Ross says "It was the beginning of a problem with the cooling. The whole car was designed around this cooling system. You can not just install a larger cooler, one is bound to the layout of the chassis."

"We have a clear timetable. You can say a third of our people is concerned with the new car, a third with the developments for the current car which will also benefit next years car. And a third will be devoted until the end of the season, then to the new car. We will reap the rewards in the future."

Brawn is happy though with his drivers saying "They have done a good job and at the moment they can’t get any more out of the car"

Clearly Brawn, after all his achievements in F1 rather like his driver Schumacher isn't lacking motivation. Ross: "My pride and my ambition will not let me rest until we are back up at front. Certainly, I and my family are financially secure. But the strange thing is that I just pull out most of my motivation from the disappointment. I will not stop until we win races again with Mercedes."

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