Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Brawn: Rosberg Like A Young Schumacher

Michael Schumacher hustling
the Mercedes
Ross Brawn has likened Nico Rosberg to a young Michael Schumacher because of his intensity and commitment. When asked by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung if Rosberg was Schumacher's best ever team mate Brawn says "Yes definitely. Sometimes I see the young Michael Schumacher in front of me."

"Nico goes to his job with an incredible intensity, he has no emotional weaknesses and is incredibly talented. Perhaps the situation would be a little easier for Michael if he had not some one as incredibly strong as Nico for a team mate. But both can learn many things from each other, and everyone is meeting this challenge."
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Image by Luke McCarthy-Reed
When prompted what distinguished the young Schumacher Brawn replys "When Michael came into Formula 1, he set a completely new standard in terms of fitness. For him it was simply not acceptable to finish a race and then collapse. So he trained hard and was at the finish line almost still as fit as at the start."

"The second component, which has brought Schumacher was his determination. There was hardly a weekend in which he left the track earlier in the evening than nine or ten, because he still wanted to talk with the engineers to make the car go faster the next day."

"Nico is the same. I do not know if it is his own power or because he has seen how Michael has made it to the top. In any case, Nico reaches a similar level in these things."

Brawn further elaborated on the differences between the Schumacher at Ferrari and the current one. Brawn: "Yes, apparently the results are different, and that's obviously disappointing. But it is not because of Michael, we have not yet developed a car that is good enough."

"At Ferrari, he was very tired at the end of his long time in Formula 1. The break has done him good, it has refreshed him. He drives still as hard as at that time, he works closely with engineers and enjoy the race."

"I see no fundamental differences. Of course he is several years older and has become more mature, but he is still Michael, as I had remembered him."

Below is Nico's video blog about his P6 in the British GP recorded at the Mercedes family event day.

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