Friday, 8 July 2011

Brawn: No Limit On How Long Schumi Continues

Ross Brawn has stated there is no time limit to how long Michael Schumacher could continue in Formula 1. Schumacher 42 is contracted for next year and Brawn suggested a contract extension to continue longer is possible.

Speaking to German news agency SID, Brawn states "For us there is no time limit of how long Michael will continue driving, if we can give him the right car and he continues to enjoy driving and is successful, there is no reason to stop, Let's see what happens."

When questioned whether Schumacher was still able to win races and championships Brawn states "Yes, I think he is. Nothing motivates drivers more than success, and in Montreal he had a bit of a sniff and his performance was fantastic."

So is there another record in Schumacher? Oldest ever world champion! With the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio being the current oldest at 46 years in 1957, I guess Schumi has another few years before that is achievable.

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