Tuesday, 26 July 2011

All Is Not Well With F1 Teams And FIA

The main proposed changes for 2014 including 1.6 litre V6 turbo engines and aerodynamically different chassis were approved by the teams in June. However some of the more specific regulations have appeared on the FIA website without the teams being first consulted which has led to some less than pleased team principals.

New rules are supposed to be supported by F1's Technical Working Group and the F1 Commission, before being rubber stamped by the FIA's World Motor Sport Council. Renault team principal Eric Boullier, who is vice chairman of FOTA, told Autosport: "We are a bit concerned that some rules have been published without being discussed within the F1 Technical Working Group.

"We want to raise a point that if the F1 Commission was created for us, then it is maybe insane to have a governing body deciding some rules that could have dramatic financial consequences for the teams.

"That is why we created this process to make sure that big decisions can be taken, and we need to consider the economical viability and sustainability of the project. It looks like something is missing from this new process."

Boullier further speaking about the insane idea of having silent electric cars in the pit "Personally I have some concerns about the electrical running in the pit lane, I understand the environmentally friendly push, but there is a safety issue.

"For me it is very dangerous to have silent cars in the pit lane." added Boullier.

McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh isn't keen on a confrontation with the FIA but was also concerned about the FIA setting a precedent with pushing through rules without consultation with the teams. Whitmarsh speaking to Autosport "What we are trying to do is work productively with the FIA and not get into a fight about it, but I think it has been established that if the teams are involved in the detail of the regulations then not only have you got greater consensus but you have a better item.

"The concept [of the 2014 regulations] was agreed by the F1 Commission, but there have been some detail points that were not put through the process. There is nothing fundamentally wrong in what has been published for 2014, but there is a concern that if we start doing detail regulations without consulting the teams then we will get into a mess."

We shouldn't be surprised as this is obviously step one of Jean Todt's three step plan.

2014 Step 1 Eliminate the resistance for his super green Formula One. Nearly silent electric cars in the pit-lane will catch out all the old guard with their bad hearing through years of listening to loud real engines.

2016 Step 2 Triple points bonuses for environmental activists to replace all the old petrol head principals which are now all recuperating after being flipped over by the silent flying machines.

2018 Step 3 Adhere to the speed limit of whichever country the Formula One circus visits as a new speed limit awareness campaign. Quite easy to do now as cars can't go any faster than 60mph(100kph) on the electric engines used throughout the race.  

More on future Jean FIA decisions

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