Sunday, 31 July 2011

Hungarian Grand Prix Highlights

The official race edit of an action packed Hungarian Grand Prix.

Jenson Button Describes His Winning Race

Jenson Button interviewed on the BBC F1 forum talks through his triumphant race.

Renault Goes On Fire Then Blows Up

Jenson Button may have been fastest to the finish of the race today but award for fastest to get out of an F1 car goes to Nick Heidfeld. After a long pit-stop the Lotus Renault catches fire when rejoining the race track, leading to Heidfeld stopping and bailing out as quickly as possible. With Heidfeld safely away a marshal gets hit by a mini explosion from the stricken Renault.

Nick Heidfeld: "My second pit stop was longer than expected, the car overheated and I noticed smoke coming from the rear. It worsened, and then I noticed the flames so I had to pull over at the end of the pit lane and cut my race short."

Team Princapal, Eric Boullier: "Nick had some misfortune once again after a visit to the pits; his second pit stop was held up after a problem with one of the wheels, and the car is not designed to stay running on high revs for so long so it caught fire."

Chief Race Engineer, Alan Permane: "In his second pit stop we had a problem with one of the wheel nuts meaning that the car was sat at high revs for a long time. This meant a build-up of heat which caused a fire. Although it looked spectacular it was only a small part of bodywork which burnt on the left-hand sidepod."

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Hamilton: My Aim This Weekend To Get Pole

Lewis Hamilton gives the Vodafone Inside Track interview about Hungary. 

Friday, 29 July 2011

The Spin Starts On The F1 Sky Move

Bad enough British fans get robbed of Formula 1 coverage unto Sky pay TV but now they have to listen to all the rubbish talk and positive spin being put out. It's hard to see how its not just about quick cash for the teams with a heavy price to pay in the longer term.

Brings back memories of how Ferrari tried to explain the Massa and Alonso team orders straight after the race last year. Treat the fans like idiots that will believe anything. Talking about the BBC/Sky sharing deal, Bernie Ecclestone; "It's good for Formula 1, for sure there are going to be a lot more people viewing, and a lot more opportunities for people to view, so from that point I'm very happy."

Basically everybody has BBC and a minority Sky in Britian, so how are there going to be a whole lot more viewers Bernie? and how is it good for the fans and potential new fans who have to pay £40 a month?

Also compare what Ecclestone is saying now about viewing figures to what he said in an interview with the officail Formula 1 website in as recently as May this year. Talking about Sky sports, Bernie: "They have been trying to buy the TV rights from us for a long time, but we won't because they are not free-to-air television broadcasters. They are a subscription service.

"Sky is doing an incredible job but if you look at their audience they are nowhere. With these figures it would be almost impossible for teams to find sponsors. That would be suicidal."

Back to today, Ecclestone: "They [BBC] may yet do the whole race deferred, we have to see." but later Bernie contradicts himself by saying "For those who can't watch Sky, they can still watch on a Sunday night, which will probably be better than watching the whole race live half the time"

Ecclestone commenting on the Concorde Agreement which guaranteed that F1 stayed on free-to-air says "The Concorde finishes in 2012, After then there may not be one, we don't need one. We'll see. But I think this is all positive, and having spoken to the teams, they think it's positive too.

"We do have to do the best we can, and I'm interested in getting the maximum coverage because we have to invest in the future for the good of the teams and for Formula 1, I think in the end people will be more happy with this than they are at the moment."

Yes Bernie, everyone is really happy today! The team gets their quick cash and the fans get screwed. It is no surprise that Eric Boullier and Adam Parr are the most in favour of the move as their teams are two of the most struggling for raising funds.

Martin Whitmarsh seems to be coming out with really strange things saying  "Based on what I've heard there won't be a premium for watching Formula 1 on Sky" Really Martin so Sky is going to cost nothing now? At least in fairness to Whitmarsh he is one of the few who is genuinely taking on the fans views even if I see a small man behind him twisting his arm whispering rubbish in his ear..

Whitmarsh is also adamant the full race will be shown not highlights on BBC as the BBC and Sky have said and Bernie who told him this is not sure about. Martin "From what Bernie has said it's better than expected, The BBC will show every grand prix in full, half of them live and half of them deferred, so free-to-air is available to everyone."

You have to hand it to Bernie Ecclestone, what a genius. He has pocketed mega by taking half the races of mainstream TV but he has somehow convinced the teams that it will increase viewership figures! It is like there is some reasoning that people who have Sky don't have BBC in Britain. Will be interesting to see how easy it is for teams getting sponsorship when their viewing audience is drastically cut.

Angry Reaction To The BBC/Sky F1 Deal

Fans have reacted angrily and rightly so to having to fork out about £40 a month to watch all races live from next year. Displeasure has been expressed throughout F1 forums and various social media.

Anchorman for the BBC coverage Jake Humphrey "It is with a little sadness that we won't be covering every race live from 2012 onwards." Lead commentator Martin Brundle was more forthright saying on Twitter "Found out last night, no idea how it will work yet I'm out of contract, will calmly work through options. Not impressed"

Team principals have also been taken by surprise with champion of the "free-to-air-TV" Martin Whitmarsh speaking to Autosport "As I understand BBC are covering half the grands prix, and Sky are doing every practice session and everything else. 

"It's interesting, I don't think anyone should be immediately reacting to say this is good, bad, or indifferent. What we need to understand is whether the large audience we currently enjoy in Formula 1 will be maintained. I think we also need to understand exactly how this is being done."

Whitmarsh also added moves to take F1 off free-to-air could be viewed as a breach of the Concorde Agreement. Whitmarsh: "We've got a range of safeguards within Concorde, and the right thing to do is to explore how the Formula 1 coverage is going to be dealt with in the future, and take a view from there."

Team Lotus boss Tony Fernandes writes on Twitter: "Martin Whitmarsh has said it may breach the Concorde agreement... I'm as confused as all on sky deal. Just saw on my twitter the unhappiness."

The teams principals are meeting with Bernie Ecclestone after second free practice today to discuss the new deal.

Follow-up The Spin Starts On The F1 Sky Move

Brawn: Yes I've Made Mistakes

Ross Brawn admits he made mistakes in the transition from his World Championship winning team Brawn to best of the rest team Mercedes. Speaking to German tabloid Bild Brawn states "Yes, I've made some mistakes. My choices were not always perfect, the transition (from Brawn GP to Mercedes) has taken too long.

"At the factory we undertook two difficult tasks in parallel: correcting the problems with the car and simultaneously making improvements to the structure in order to avoid problems in the future."

When prompted about the current problems Ross says "It was the beginning of a problem with the cooling. The whole car was designed around this cooling system. You can not just install a larger cooler, one is bound to the layout of the chassis."

"We have a clear timetable. You can say a third of our people is concerned with the new car, a third with the developments for the current car which will also benefit next years car. And a third will be devoted until the end of the season, then to the new car. We will reap the rewards in the future."

Brawn is happy though with his drivers saying "They have done a good job and at the moment they can’t get any more out of the car"

Clearly Brawn, after all his achievements in F1 rather like his driver Schumacher isn't lacking motivation. Ross: "My pride and my ambition will not let me rest until we are back up at front. Certainly, I and my family are financially secure. But the strange thing is that I just pull out most of my motivation from the disappointment. I will not stop until we win races again with Mercedes."

Sky & BBC New F1 TV Rights Deal

After all the speeches by team principals and Bernie Ecclestone about F1 needs to be on free to air television it now appears it is only going to be shown live for all the races on pay channel Sky in the UK.

A new deal has been announced today for Sky to show all the races, qualifying and practice live. The BBC will be showing half the races live including qualifying and practice. For the races that are not shown live on the BBC, highlights will be shown(nothing said when or how much highlights). Included in the races the BBC shows live will be the British GP, Monaco and the season finale.

Director of BBC Sport, Barbara Slater: "We are absolutely delighted that F1 will remain on the BBC.

"The sport has never been more popular with TV audiences at a 10-year high and the BBC has always stated its commitment to the big national sporting moments.

"With this new deal not only have we delivered significant savings but we have also ensured that through our live and extended highlights coverage all the action continues to be available to licence-fee payers."

Managing director of Sky Sports, Barney Francis: "This is fantastic news for F1 fans and Sky Sports will be the only place to follow every race live and in HD.

"We will give F1 the full Sky Sports treatment with a commitment to each race never seen before on UK television."

So both sides are trying to put their own rubbish spin on things already. The BBC trying to sound like they are over joyed as if they have same coverage rights as before and Sky trying to say it will be great for fans to have to buy a satellite dish and pay to watch with advertisements littered through coverage.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Bruno Talks About His Friday Practice Chance

Bruno Senna talks about getting his chance to do a Friday practice session. Bruno at start of interview "This is the first proper F1 team that I've been involved with." ooch HRT! 

And Bruno's former employers not to be undone by the Brazilian pull something out of the bag to show they are in fact a proper racing team HRT Response To Bruno Remark

Vitaly Petrov: I Like Very Much This Track

Vitaly Petrov very much liking being back at Budapest were he won before in Formula 3000 and where a lot of his fans closer to home can make the trip to support him. Must be the hotel where the F1 boys hang out as spot Sir Frank Williams go by in the background.

Vettel: It's Getting Very Tight

Runaway Championship leader Sebastian Vettel interviewed by the BBC admits it's getting close between the performance of the front running teams.

Webber Says Red Bull Can Respond

Mark Webber interviewed by the BBC believes Red Bull Racing can respond to the increased competitiveness of Ferrari and McLaren.

Button: Luck Hasn't Been On My Side Recently

Jenson Button looks forward to his 200th Grand Prix. Interviewed by the BBC Jenson expresses his frustration at the previous couple of races where KERS, pit stop dramas and hydraulics issues blighted his championship push. 

Massa: I Hope The Luck Is On My Side This Time

Felipe Massa talks to the BBC about his chances for the Hungarian Grand Prix. Felipe is looking to be at the front were he will not have to fight among the field so much.

Kobayashi & Perez Staying At Sauber

Sergio Perez at the British GP
Sauber announced on Thursday that drivers Kamui Kobayashi and Sergio Perez will continue to race for the team in 2012.

Team Principal Peter Sauber: "We are very pleased with our drivers, Kamui has grown into his role extremely well this year. Though it is only his second full Formula One season, he is already taking on the responsibilities that naturally fall to the more experienced driver in the team.

"We are delighted with him at both a sporting and a personal level. We had an option of working with him in 2012 and there was never any doubt that we would take it."

Kamui Kobayashi: "I’m very proud that I can drive another year for this team and I want to thank Peter Sauber and Monisha Kaltenborn for putting their faith in me and the guys for all their work, In 2010 we had a very difficult season and some tough times. We managed to overcome this because we are a strong team."

Talking about Perez, Peter Sauber: "Sergio has achieved more than one could expect from a rookie, From the very first race he proved that he is capable of driving not only fast but consistently as well.

"And after the accident in Monaco he demonstrated that he can handle difficult situations too. From the outset we had already signed a contract with Sergio that went beyond 2011. With a rookie that always entails a certain risk, of course, but clearly it has paid off."

Sergio Perez: "I want to thank Peter and Monisha that they trust me. Of course it is very good to have continuity and this way I can intensively prepare with my race engineer for what will be my second Formula One season.

"But for now I’m concentrating on finishing this season on a high. The summer break will be very good for me because since my accident in Monaco it has been a busy time."

Sauber drivers very brief preview of Hungarian Grand Prix below.

HRT: In Depth Preview Hungarian GP!

What was that?? Apparently a HRToon! 

Pirelli's Hembery Interview & Hungary Preview

Pirelli's Director of Motorsport Paul Hembery is interviewed. Hembery talks about the new tyre tested in free practice at the Nurburgring and critism of the tyres starting to last too long. Hembery also discusses his relationship with the drivers.

Pirelli discuss the teams radical exhaust exits effect on the tyres.

A lap of the Hungaroring with Pirelli.

Hungarian Grand Prix TV Coverage (BBC)

BBC Red Button Freeview
0855-1035 Live coverage of the 1st practice session.
1255-1435 Live coverage of the 2nd practice session.

BBC Red Button Freeview
0955-1105 Live coverage of the 3rd practice session.

BBC 1 & BBC 1 HD
1210-1420 Live coverage of Qualifying.

BBC 1 & BBC 1 HD
1205-1525 Live coverage of Race.

BBC Red Button Freeview
1525-1625 Post-race analysis and debate.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A Special Place For Massa & Alonso

Hungary is a special place for both Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso. Massa because of his near fatal accident their two years ago. Felipe writing in his Ferrari blog "Since the accident, I have a lot of fans there: I don’t think they became my fans because of the accident, but rather because I spent some time in Budapest and made a full recovery, which was like a victory for me and the people here felt part of that victory."
Hungary is special for Alonso too as he took his first Formula One win at Budapest in 2003. Fernando recollecting in his blog "It was a very emotional day, the memory of which will always stay with me." The former two time world champion also celebrates his 30th birthday on Friday and is hoping for a good surprise. Both Alonso and Massa are expecting the Ferrari to preform better in the warmer temperatures of Hungary than the extreme coldness of the Nurburgring.

Below is a Ferrari review of the German GP from Diego Loverno (Head of chassis & gearbox assembling) and team principal Stefano Domenicali. Loverno talks about what went wrong in the pit stop that cost Massa 4th place to Sebastian Vettel.


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Vettel Talks About His Annoyance At The German GP

Allianz give a review of the all the activities that happened on the German GP weekend. Including interview extracts from Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg. Lastly Brembo show a breaking analysis of the Hungaroring track.

Jarno Trulli Laps Hungaroring On Simulator

Jarno Trulli, Team Lotus driver, and David Mart, Renault Sport F1 engine engineer preview the Hungarian Grand Prix. Jarno finally gets the new power steering system for Hungary so should help his fine touch driving style get back on form with his team mate Heikki Kovalainen.

All Is Not Well With F1 Teams And FIA

The main proposed changes for 2014 including 1.6 litre V6 turbo engines and aerodynamically different chassis were approved by the teams in June. However some of the more specific regulations have appeared on the FIA website without the teams being first consulted which has led to some less than pleased team principals.

New rules are supposed to be supported by F1's Technical Working Group and the F1 Commission, before being rubber stamped by the FIA's World Motor Sport Council. Renault team principal Eric Boullier, who is vice chairman of FOTA, told Autosport: "We are a bit concerned that some rules have been published without being discussed within the F1 Technical Working Group.

"We want to raise a point that if the F1 Commission was created for us, then it is maybe insane to have a governing body deciding some rules that could have dramatic financial consequences for the teams.

"That is why we created this process to make sure that big decisions can be taken, and we need to consider the economical viability and sustainability of the project. It looks like something is missing from this new process."

Boullier further speaking about the insane idea of having silent electric cars in the pit "Personally I have some concerns about the electrical running in the pit lane, I understand the environmentally friendly push, but there is a safety issue.

"For me it is very dangerous to have silent cars in the pit lane." added Boullier.

McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh isn't keen on a confrontation with the FIA but was also concerned about the FIA setting a precedent with pushing through rules without consultation with the teams. Whitmarsh speaking to Autosport "What we are trying to do is work productively with the FIA and not get into a fight about it, but I think it has been established that if the teams are involved in the detail of the regulations then not only have you got greater consensus but you have a better item.

"The concept [of the 2014 regulations] was agreed by the F1 Commission, but there have been some detail points that were not put through the process. There is nothing fundamentally wrong in what has been published for 2014, but there is a concern that if we start doing detail regulations without consulting the teams then we will get into a mess."

We shouldn't be surprised as this is obviously step one of Jean Todt's three step plan.

2014 Step 1 Eliminate the resistance for his super green Formula One. Nearly silent electric cars in the pit-lane will catch out all the old guard with their bad hearing through years of listening to loud real engines.

2016 Step 2 Triple points bonuses for environmental activists to replace all the old petrol head principals which are now all recuperating after being flipped over by the silent flying machines.

2018 Step 3 Adhere to the speed limit of whichever country the Formula One circus visits as a new speed limit awareness campaign. Quite easy to do now as cars can't go any faster than 60mph(100kph) on the electric engines used throughout the race.  

More on future Jean FIA decisions

Monday, 25 July 2011

Webber Gives Alonso Lift German GP + Original

Mark webber is waved down by Fernando Alonso so he can get a lift back to the pits. Commentary isn't English but the English video's don't capture the whole show. Classic moment and check out the original below.

Love the kicking a marshal who actually dares to try get him off! 
I have to stress, I don't know if this is true. Apparently in the early 90s England, on a public road Senna was driving over the speed limit and a police man stopped him but didn't recognise the legendary driver. 

The police man asked Senna "Who the hell do you think you are, Nigel Mansell?", Senna looked at him and answered "Actually I am Ayrton Senna". When Mansell heard the story he was laughing for hours. Again don't know if it is true but is a pretty cool story!

German Grand Prix Highlights

A brief video with the highlights of a classic Grand Prix were the top three battled for position the entire race.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Schumacher With Passenger Rosberg At The Nordschleife

Michael Schumacher takes Nico Rosberg for a spin around the legendary Nordschleife in a Mercedes SLS AMG.

Vettel vs Webber In Infinti's At The Nordschleife

Red Bull Racing drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber take on each other racing around the Nordschleife circuit in high performance Infiniti road cars.The team mates were given the keys to a 3.7 litre V6 Infiniti M37s and an Infiniti M35h.
I hate it when they do that, you will see what I mean!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Hamilton: We Definitely Can’t Challenge For Pole

Lewis Hamilton has dismissed McLaren's chances of pole on Saturday. In the practice sessions Hamilton ended up fifth in the morning and seventh in the afternoon, a second off pacesetter Red Bull's Mark Webber.

Hamilton speaking after second practice "It’s been a productive day for us. I think we went through all the running plans that we had, I think our race pace is perhaps closer than we had in the last race, which is a good thing, I think we seem to be maybe two or three tenths off at least the Ferraris, and then over a single lap they've definitely got about a second on us.

"We’re still pushing as hard as we can, the car’s feeling quite good. It’s just we can’t go any faster through the corners just through the car sliding. So we’re just going to refine the setup, see if we can find some more downforce."

Lewis admits they are at least looking better than Silverstone, "The engine mode that we had in Barcelona and, for example, in Valencia works a lot better than what we had in Silverstone. Just on that long run just there compared to the others it seemed two or three tenths, which is much, much better than the last race.

"We’re down on downforce; that’s the only thing that stops me and Jenson from doing the same laps as them. We just carry the same speed through the corners. Nonetheless, we have made improvements this weekend, we’ve had some small updates which have been good. We need to just keep on going in that direction.

"The race is a completely different thing. Obviously, the Ferraris and the Red Bulls are still massively quick, so we expect to probably be just behind them. Anything can happen in the race. Who knows if it’s going to rain?

"We definitely can’t challenge for pole, but then having said that, we don’t know what fuel level everyone is on. So we might be pleasantly surprised tomorrow to find that we are heavier than others, and that again brings us closer. But historically, that’s not the case."

The weather forecast is for rain on Sunday so hopefully it will happen and also hopefully the safety car won't be overly used like the last couple of wet races.

Rosberg Discusses Driving Fangio's Car

Nico Rosberg ecstatic to be driving the Nordschleife in a W196 Mercedes in front of his home crowd.

Schumacher Talks About Owning A Corner

Michael Schumacher talks about driving the Nordschleife in a W196 Mercedes. Michael also discusses having a corner in the Nurburgring named after him.

Schumi & Rosberg Drive Classic Merc Nordschleife

Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg drive the classic W196 Silver Arrow around the Nordschleife.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Kovalainen Laps Nürburgring On Simulator

Heikki Kovalainen, Team Lotus driver, and Thierry Salvi, Renault Sport F1 engine engineer preview the German Grand Prix.

Hamilton & Button (Inside Track) German GP

McLaren drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton preview the German Grand Prix for Inside Track.

Kobayashi & Pérez Liking The Weather!

Sauber F1 Team drivers Kamui Kobayashi and Sergio Pérez talking about the up coming German Grand Prix. 

Trulli In Contract Talks As Chandok Subs At German GP

Karun Chandhok will replace Jarno Trulli at Team Lotus for this weekends German Grand Prix. Indian Chandhok is the Team Lotus reserve driver. The replacement is for this weekend only as Trulli has struggled with the Lotus steering system which is set to be replaced for the next grand prix after Germany which is scheduled for Hungary.

Veteran Trulli states "I'm looking forward to working with Karun this weekend and doing whatever I can to help him get the most out of his opportunity in Germany,

"It's great that the team is true to its word of helping develop young talent, particularly from parts of the word where it is even harder to break through into the top rung of motorsport, so I'll be there to give him guidance and assistance, in and out of the car."

Chandok: "Firstly I want to thank Tony Fernandes, Kamarudin Meranun and SM Nasarudin for giving me the chance to race this weekend for Team Lotus.

"Ever since I first joined the team I have been looking forward to this opportunity and I am determined to do my best to repay their faith in me and help the team progress, this season and for many years to come. I am approaching the weekend in a very realistic frame of mind.

"I will be doing my best to push and to make sure I learn as much as possible all weekend, take each session as it comes and work as closely as I can with the engineers and the whole team to do the best job I can.

"Whatever happens, I am very excited about lining up on the grid on Sunday and I know there will be millions of Indian fans, and Team Lotus fans around the world, who will be behind me and the whole team, so I will do the best I can to give them something to cheer for."

Lotus boss Tony Fernandes has also revealed the team is in the process of negotiating an extension to Trulli's contract. Fernandes says "I want to take this chance to thank Jarno for helping make Karun's opportunity this weekend possible,

"He has been extremely accommodating in stepping to the side for this race and our commitment to him is unwavering. I am delighted to confirm that we are in the process of negotiating an extension to his contract with us and we are all looking forward to unveiling the details of that very soon.

"He is a key member of our team and I hope that we can give him a car as soon as possible that allows him to utilise his considerable talent to the full.

"For this weekend he will be on hand to lend his huge experience and support to Karun and I am sure Jarno, Heikki and Karun will do me, the whole team and all our fans very proud indeed."

Technical chief Mike Gascoyne adds "I am delighted that we are able to give Karun a full weekend in the car. He has been a very good addition to our driver line-up and now we are giving him a chance to take the next step in fulfilling his potential.

"Jarno will be stepping aside for him for this race and we will use Karun's feedback over the weekend as a comparison against Jarno's and Heikki's experiences this season with a number of aspects of the car, including the power steering system, to help us keep moving forward in 2011 and beyond.

"I am sure Karun will equip himself very well in this and in his performances in and out of the car all weekend. The whole team is looking forward to helping him get the most out of his time in the cockpit in Germany and it will be good to see him grab this chance and make the most of it."

So it seems it's all happy family's at Team Lotus. You wonder would Jarno be so generous at stepping aside for a race if he thought Karun was quick enough to be a threat.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Arguably The Greatest Laps In F1 History

Take a good candidate for greatest ever Formula One driver and then take a good candidate for his greatest ever performance and you have something very specail. It all happened in the German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring 54 years ago.

After a poor pitstop the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio found himself more than a minute behind race leader Mike Hawthorn. The five times world champion shows his perhaps never surpassed greatness in Formula One by setting a series of stunning laps.

Using the word stunning is perhaps an under statement as some of the laps were a full six seconds quicker than his own lap record and eight seconds quicker than his pole lap!

Add to that the Ferrari's he was racing against were superior cars and the track he was on was the most dangerous and testing of them all, nevermind he was way older than his competiers at 46. One sees why Fangio is a strong candidate for greatest of them all.

The highlights pick up at half distance.

I won't spoil the ending for anyone watching but after the race Fangio said "I'd never driven like that before, and I knew I never would again".

Recently Michael Schumacher was asked If he could pick two Formula One greats of the past (from different eras) to watch race against each other, who would he pick?

Schumacher replied "Ayrton Senna and Juan Manuel Fangio."

The reply by Schumacher says it all.

German Grand Prix Betting Favourites

The Paddy Power favourites for The German Grand Prix are
  • S Vettel - evens
  • F Alonso - 2/1
  • M Webber - 5/1
  • L Hamilton - 6/1
  • J Button - 14/1
  • F Massa - 20/1
  • N Rosberg - 66/1
  • M Schumacher - 100/1

Was said for the last Grand Prix Felipe Massa at 70/1 odds for the win looked good value because of Ferrari's upgrades but that we needed to get rid of Alonso most likely for that to happen and we all know what did end up happening! 

This time around with a good chance of rain on race day forecast the outside bet would be Schumacher at 100/1. Even if Schumacher was 90 years old driving that car in the rain he shouldn't be 100/1!

Schumi And Rosberg Engine Disassembly Race

Allianz preview the German Grand Prix. We know between Mercedes team mates Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg who is the quickest at disassembling a front wing. The question now is who comes quickest at disassembling an engine?
Lastly Brembo show a breaking analysis of the Nurburgring track. (The piece on Lewis Hamilton getting engaged is incorrect!)

German GP Track & DRS Zone

The detection point will start at the entry to Turn 10 and drivers will be able to active the rear wing from the exit of Turn 11.

FIA race director Charlie Whiting: "The Nürburgring is always a challenge, usually because of the weather, which is often threatening, whatever time year a grand prix is held here,"

The DRS zone has been set for the straight before the tight chicane, so we should see some good overtaking. There's always good action at the first corner: it's nice and wide, with a variety of lines, which gives drivers an opportunity to pass."

Kubica Private Track Tests Planned For Autumn

A comeback by Robert Kubica will be preceded by a series of private track tests and not Friday practice sessions as had been speculated. Renault team boss Eric Bollier speaking to Russian site states "We often talk to Robert. He feels fine, but the restoration of damaged nerves, always takes time.

"I think by the end of the summer he will begin the final phase of rehabilitation. Then it will become clear when we can expect his return."

When asked about the chances of holding tests for Kubica and if they would be Friday practice sessions Boullier states "Yeah, we planned them for the fall" and "No it will be a private test"

Kubica himself when asked last week about his chances of being fit to race the Brazil final said "I like to have a goal when it's a reasonable one, we'll see how the next few months go in terms of the rehabilitation process evolution and then we'll take a decision in due time."

Sutil Crashes Supercar At Nurburgring

Sutil walks away from the Gumpert Apollo
Adrian Sutil has not had the best of starts to his home grand prix weekend after crashing at the old Nurburgring circuit. Sutil was driving a Gumpert Apollo around the 28 kilometer Nordschleife circuit which is adjacent to the modern and much shorter circuit now used by Formula 1. 

Sutil's victim a Gumpert Apollo supercar
Sutil is aledged to have had a minor crash at the north loop section and was photographed walking away. Also showed by photos the car has only suffered minor superficial damage although that car doesn't exactly look the cheapest of things to patch up.

Update: Sutil talking about the crash "Well, it was made up to be very dramatic but it was just a technical problem that I had. I went out of the pits and something was broken at the rear of the car so I lost control at a very slow speed and I touched a barrier at about 10km/h and that’s it.

"Nothing really major was broken. I stopped the car there because it was not good to go back to the pits like that and I changed the car. There were a few more cars there, same ones and I had a good day, three great laps in this Gumpert Apollo, a very fast car, very amazing around this place and that was it. 

"When I read the newspaper the next day, I was laughing really hard because they said I lost all my teeth and I just made it out of the carbon wreck of this car and I thought, OK, well, that was lucky then. So I’m in one piece and in good shape and it was just nothing to mention, really."

German Grand Prix TV Coverage (BBC)

BBC Red Button Freeview
0855-1035 Live coverage of the 1st practice session.
1255-1435 Live coverage of the 2nd practice session.

BBC Red Button Freeview
0955-1105 Live coverage of the 3rd practice session.

BBC 1 & BBC 1 HD
1210-1420 Live coverage of Qualifying.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hamilton's How To Handle F1 Car In Confined Space

These should be compulsory for all Grand Prix winners! 

Ferrari Racing News Previews German GP

Ferrari previews the German Grand Prix in Ferrari Racing News N.15. Stefano Domenicali talks about Silverstone success while Pat Fry covers the technical side in an interview. Race drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, and test driver Marc Gene discuss the appeal of the Nürburgring. Ferrari's other test driver Giancarlo Fisichella takes to the streets of Moscow in a F1 car. 


A Tour Of The New USA Grand Prix In Austin

The new Formula One track east of Austin is starting to take shape. Below is a close up look at the progress and what the track will look like when finished curtesy of Austin News at


Monday, 18 July 2011

Liuzzi HRT Seat Under Threat By Javier Villa

23 year old Spaniard Javier Villa, who drives a BMW in the world touring car championship, has reportedly been targeted to replace Vitantonio Liuzzi at Hispinia. Speaking to Italiaracing Villa states "Yes, it's all true, I have a good chance to debut in F1 with Hispania"

The Italian report said Villa could start off with a Friday practice driving role in the very near future before he makes his grand prix debut in Liuzzi's place in the final Grand Prix of the year in Brazil

"F1 is a great and definitely unexpected opportunity," said Villa's advisor Jose Ramon Galan. "We'll see how the situation evolves."

Hispania's new owner Thesan Capital business plan is to bring an all Spanish theme to the team and has identified Spaniard Villa as fitting the role.

It's good to bring new talent into F1 but you have to question HRT's logic in having two rookies in still a very new team, but guess that depends if Daniel Riccardo moves on up the grid next year and who replaces him.

Limiting your team talent from one specific country also seems somewhat questionable in such a a competitive world as Formula 1. It's like the future HRT team motto is going to be " still slowest but more importantly still 100% Spanish"

Team Lotus Takes To The Streets Of Moscow

Extremely good on board footage of Luiz Razia driving a 2010 Team Lotus F1 car around the streets of Moscow.

Formula 1 Jet Canopy Test

A test by the FIA Institute to find out what happens when you fire a Formula One wheel and tyre into a jet fighter canopy at 225km/h.

The FIA have been investigating the benefits and drawbacks of adding a closed cockpit to drivers. Felipe Massa's near fatal accident two years ago instigated the research and full scientific results have now been presented to the Formula One Technical Working Group(TWG).

Discussions on the implementation of cockpit canopies would have to take into account numerous negatives, such as visibility, optical quality, ventilation, cleaning, access and emergency exit by the driver.

The Institute’s technical adviser Andy Mellor states "We’re not looking at any of these things at the moment, This test was purely to look into the mechanical safety effect. Now that we have data on that, we can move towards a decision on what’s next."

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sebastian Vettel After Party Silverstone Stage

Sebastian Vettel appearing on stage at the after party show after the British GP. Sebastian gets distracted by Jordan(Katie Price) look alike in attendance.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Schumi Proud To Be Racing Schumacher S

Michael Schumacher is looking forward to racing at the Nürburgring for the first time since his comeback. Prior to the 2007 Grand Prix their, the Audi S (bends 8 and 9) was renamed Schumacher S after the 7 time World Champion and Michael is looking for some added speed through them.

"It will be the first time that I race through the corner which is named after me (Turns 8 and 9), and obviously I would like to believe that this is not only making me proud, but also even faster.” says Schumacher.

Schumacher is feeling good about the weekend with the extra upgrades brought to Silverstone improving the car. He states “This season has been a difficult one for performance predictions so far; however I can predict one thing for sure: the extra boost we are receiving will be transformed into extra motivation.

"We saw some improvements over the Silverstone weekend with our new exhaust system, along with improvements to how we work with the tyres, so we go to the next race weekend with a good feeling added to our fighting spirit. We definitely want to show our home crowds our best level of performance possible."

Ross Brawn commented on how the team was working to further bring the best out of the new upgrades. Brawn: "Our car showed positive signs of improvement with the new upgrade package and exhaust system in Silverstone, and we have been working hard since then to further enhance our understanding of its performance capabilities.

"We are hopeful of continuing this progression and putting on a good performance next weekend, giving our drivers the opportunity to show what they can do in front of their own supporters."

Whitmarsh Talks TV & The Murdochs

Martin Whitmarsh believes the Murdochs will bounce back but also says their pay per view business formula isn't right for Formula 1. Speaking on Whitmarsh states "Well, there are a number of issues with News Corp. There is a lot of concern over pay per view, which has been historically the Sky model and that is probably not suitable for Formula One.

"Yes, they’ve got a lot of challenges at the moment in the UK, but nevertheless we all know that News International and News Corp will be alive and powerful in the media in 12 months’ time.

"It’s a dynamic time. But News Corp is a 20 billion or whatever turnover news corporation, so I am sure they will remain a big player. But I don’t think that Formula One needs to rush into their arms. I think we should be open-minded looking at what is in the best interests of the sport in the long term."

The McLaren team principal also spoke of the challenge of embracing different media outlets particularly for the younger generation of which Whitmarsh says "they don’t just watch television - they probably have the TV on, then they have probably something different running on their iPad or on their phone or laptop.

"We grew up with television and for a moment thought that email was cool - but kids don’t email anymore. They are definitely on a much more advanced level than that. The power of these new media outlets is enormous."

Further more on making data available Whitmarsh says "Formula One is a world sport and it is data-rich, and in this digital arena we can populate this digital environment with much more data and information than tennis, soccer or any other sport, so I think it is a huge opportunity that we have.

"Sure there will still be people watching terrestrial television, but for the generation below us that’s not good enough any more. They want more information and they want to interact.

"They want to have communities going - and that’s the challenge: to find ways to monetize this as Bernie has done with television. He made sure that the revenues for the sport were very high. You can’t hold new developments back, so we need to bring in expertise that probably doesn’t exist in Formula One today."

Kimi Räikkönen Resume

With the talk of a Kimi Räikkönen comeback for Red Bull looking highly unlikely now, lets profile Kimi for other potential F1 comeback employers.

Introduction & Reference

It is important to have references for prospective employment so none better than a heart warming introduction from Kimi's former team mate Juan Pablo Montoya.

Kimi Media Skills

Lewis Hamilton said recently negotiation on a new McLaren contract will pencil him in to a lot less media responsibility's. Kimi comes out on top here by showing he doesn't mind always being ready to give a good interview for his many fans.

Kimi flashes his well rounded media persona by always being up for a good picture too.

Kimi Fan Skills

Politicians kiss babies for the good publicity so not to be out done Kimi shows potential bosses his nurturing abilities.

 Kimi Hobbies

Nowadays it seems every sports personality is caught up in their own life but not Kimi as he knows he always has to go the extra mile to impress that future team boss.

Kimi Work Experience

Ross Brawn said recently one of the things that made Michael Schumacher so great was his work ethic. Kimi owns this area by constantly showing rugged grit and determination in the face of adversity and never giving up.

Kimi The Man The Myth
Last but not least, Kimi shows just give him that job interview and no one would resist hiring The Iceman.

All jokes aside, we want Räikkönen back in F1 rather than wasting his immense talent at rallying, partying and NASCAR.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

FIA Attempt To Clear Up Diffuser Embarrassment

With the constant changing blown diffuser regulations over the British GP weekend the FIA have now released a Q&A session. Below is the extract in full from FIA and it looks like the matter is now finally over!

This issue arose shortly before the Spanish Grand Prix. Was it initiated by the FIA or did it come from an F1 team?

The matter was initiated by the FIA when facts concerning some quite extreme, and hitherto unseen, engine mapping began to emerge. We were concerned that exhaust tailpipes were being positioned and engine maps created with the primary objective of improving in the aerodynamic performance of the car. Prior to that it had been assumed that any aerodynamic benefits were incidental to the primary purpose of the engine and its exhausts, i.e. that of generating torque.

Why did you decide to act?

We decided to act as, not only did we consider such extreme mapping to be arguably illegal, but also if such freedom was left unchecked it would result in the teams incurring significant further development costs during the season.

Is the off-throttle blown diffuser illegal under the 2011 technical regulations?

We certainly consider them to be questionable, however, the key is whether or not we consider any particular engine map to have been created for any other reason than the generation of engine torque.

Is its illegality an unforeseen side-effect of the rule to ban F-Ducts?

No, the two are unconnected.

Why was it not possible to simple introduce blanket limits on hot and cold-blowing and apply them equally to every car?

This is precisely what we attempted to do in the first communication to the teams on 12 May. However, it soon became apparent that the matter was more complex than initially thought. The main problem was the difficulty of ensuring that teams were not prevented from using existing legitimate strategies whilst ensuring that the extreme mapping was no longer possible. This is why we postponed the introduction of the measures until the British Grand Prix.

There are also a number of other mechanical factors to take into account such as the architecture of the engine throttles themselves (butterfly or barrel operation).

What were the measures that were introduced for the European Grand Prix in Valencia?

Whilst examining the engine maps from several teams it became clear that extreme solutions were being used for short times in qualifying and then being changed for more durable solutions for the race. The felt that this was certainly against the spirit of the parc ferme regulations but, more importantly, the relevant regulations simply do not allow changes to be made whilst the cars were being held under parc ferme conditions, connections to the car may be made and electronic units freely accessed, however, no changes to the set-up of the car can be made.

We therefore informed the teams on 14 June that we would take these measures in Valencia, this was done and cars run accordingly with very few difficulties.

Why was the matter still being discussed over the weekend of the British Grand Prix, and why did the clarification change from Friday to Saturday?

The matter was still being discussed because one engine manufacturer (Renault Sport) was reluctant to run with the settings we had imposed and continued to try and convince us that they would require alternative settings in order to maintain their perfect reliability record. At the last minute additional information was provided to us which we felt would be hard to refuse having already made a small concession to another manufacturer (Mercedes Benz HPE).

However, further discussions on Friday evening and Saturday morning resulted in us deciding that we had conceded too much and, to be fair to the manufacturers who had presented cars in what we considered the correct configuration, we should revert to the specification we had specified in our note to the teams on 20 June. This is how all teams then ran on Saturday and Sunday in Silverstone.

What was the purpose of holding two Technical Working Group meetings in Silverstone?

Following the events of Friday the FIA President felt that it would be useful to have an open discussion in order to see if consensus could be reached. Following these two meetings there was unanimous agreement among the teams to revert to the engine mapping regime used in Valencia, i.e. freedom on settings but no changes to the maps between qualifying and race.

This was felt to be the most sensible solution to a very complicated matter as the possibility of finding an alternative solution, which would be fair to all engine manufacturers, was becoming increasingly unlikely.

If the FIA had not acted, would there have been a protest?

As all the teams had reached consensus there would have been no point in doing so.

Has the matter now been settled?

Yes, and all cars will run under 'Valencia' conditions for the remainder of the season.

Are there likely to be any protests now that this matter seems to have been settled?

We are optimistic that there will be no protests over any engine mapping and exhaust tailpipe issues this season. In addition to the main part of the agreement reached in the TWG meetings it was also agreed that no team would raise a protest against another on these matters for the rest of the season.

What will happen in 2012 and beyond?

The teams have already agreed to strict constraints on exhaust tailpipe position which will result in them exiting the bodywork much higher up and no longer in the vicinity of the diffuser. Therefore, any aerodynamic benefit from exhaust gas flow over bodywork will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Engine mapping will remain free (within the existing constraints of the FIA SECU) as, with the exhaust tailpipes in this new position, it is felt that any aerodynamic benefit will now be incidental to their primary purpose.

Lewis Hamilton After Party Silverstone Stage

Lewis Hamilton appearing on stage at the after party show after the British GP. Lewis lets the audience vote whether he should change his driving style and whether he should move to Red Bull.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Perez vs Bianchi For Ferrari Test

Mexican Sergio Perez will test a Ferrari 2009 F1 car alongside Jules Bianchi at Mugello or Fiorano. Perez, Sauber's current driver will be pitted against GP2 driver Bianchi in a September showdown. Both drivers are part of Ferrari's driver academy(FDA).

FDA director Luca Baldisserri states "It will be a very interesting test, because we will be putting Jules Bianchi and Sergio Perez up against one another," said FDA director Luca Baldisserri

"I think they will both be very motivated and for us it will be the perfect opportunity to assess both drivers."

Red Bull Boss Says Webber Will Definitely Be Re-Signed

Image by Infinti Global
Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz says Mark Webber will definitely be with the outfit next year. Mateschitz speaking to Autosport "Mark Webber will re-sign with us, This will happen for sure."

"He is very popular within the team, he feels very comfortable and it is an excellent relationship. He knows this and we know it."

"To be honest, Mark has no better choice than the fastest car and we have no better choice for a fast driver."

When questioned about Webber disobeying team orders and attempting to pass Vettel at the British Grand Prix Mateschitz states "This is no problem for us, Sebastian realised that Fernando Alonso was gone and could not be caught anymore, so he backed down. This let Mark close in. He would be a very bad racer had he not tried to attack and gain a position."

Two things to be learned from this are what a cool guy Mateschitz is with what he said about Webber disobeying the orders and the other thing is not to trust German tabloids concerning Kimi Räikkönen comebacks!

Brawn: Rosberg Like A Young Schumacher

Michael Schumacher hustling
the Mercedes
Ross Brawn has likened Nico Rosberg to a young Michael Schumacher because of his intensity and commitment. When asked by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung if Rosberg was Schumacher's best ever team mate Brawn says "Yes definitely. Sometimes I see the young Michael Schumacher in front of me."

"Nico goes to his job with an incredible intensity, he has no emotional weaknesses and is incredibly talented. Perhaps the situation would be a little easier for Michael if he had not some one as incredibly strong as Nico for a team mate. But both can learn many things from each other, and everyone is meeting this challenge."
   (Two Can Play That Game)
Image by Luke McCarthy-Reed
When prompted what distinguished the young Schumacher Brawn replys "When Michael came into Formula 1, he set a completely new standard in terms of fitness. For him it was simply not acceptable to finish a race and then collapse. So he trained hard and was at the finish line almost still as fit as at the start."

"The second component, which has brought Schumacher was his determination. There was hardly a weekend in which he left the track earlier in the evening than nine or ten, because he still wanted to talk with the engineers to make the car go faster the next day."

"Nico is the same. I do not know if it is his own power or because he has seen how Michael has made it to the top. In any case, Nico reaches a similar level in these things."

Brawn further elaborated on the differences between the Schumacher at Ferrari and the current one. Brawn: "Yes, apparently the results are different, and that's obviously disappointing. But it is not because of Michael, we have not yet developed a car that is good enough."

"At Ferrari, he was very tired at the end of his long time in Formula 1. The break has done him good, it has refreshed him. He drives still as hard as at that time, he works closely with engineers and enjoy the race."

"I see no fundamental differences. Of course he is several years older and has become more mature, but he is still Michael, as I had remembered him."

Below is Nico's video blog about his P6 in the British GP recorded at the Mercedes family event day.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Red Bull Interview Christian Horner Post British GP

Christian Horner talks blown diffusers and team tactics.

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