Friday, 10 June 2011

Webber Looks Like Staying At Red Bull For 2012

Mark Webber is set to continue at Red Bull next year. As the Australian turns 35 this year he is on a year by year contract.

Red Bull Racing team principle Christian Horner states "Mark has made it clear he wants to continue with Red Bull next year."

"One of the questions we had was does he still have the motivation and desire. We believe he does and we're happy to continue."

Webber and Sebastain Vettel were very closely matched last season but this year Vettel has had a clear edge winning 5 of the 6 races so far this season.

Mark has blamed the tyres but has admitted it is up to him to adapt, speaking in Montreal he says "They are very different and the drivers are very sensitive to that (change), It's like a golfer or a tennis player changing his equipment."

"When you're at this level and trying to gain an edge with tiny details, the small changes can make big differences. But it's up to the drivers to adapt."

One thing the Aussie has been good at getting this year and something Vettel is known to always really want to get is the fastest lap. Mark has got it in 4 out of the 6 Grand Prix this season. So if you see Webber in the wall in the closing laps of a Grand Prix under no pressure and for no apparent reason you will know what has happened!

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