Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Webber And The V Word

Mark Webber has again came out with how much he adores his team mate or rather not. Goaded by Germany's Sport Bild Webber was asked if he speaks a lot with his German team mate Sebastian Vettel. Mark answered: "No. Why? There's no reason for it."

The newspaper digging a bit further for a reaction went on to say did he and Sebastian not discuss the Bahrain situation for example with Mark's reply: "I'm 34 years old, I read the newspaper. Why should I ask him for his opinion?"

When asked was there too big a gap between his contemporaries and F1's newest generation, Webber admitted: "Yes, could be. You could be right."

Webber then had enough of the line of questioning saying "Why do we always have to talk about Sebastian Vettel? If you want to know about him, ask him."

On his future plans including any thoughts of Ferrari Webber was states "I will decide in the coming months,"

"Ferrari is something special, but it would make the most sense to stay at Red Bull. I feel good, I'm happy here with the guys and the mechanics, everything. We will talk but there's no hurry, there's enough time."

I would tend to agree with Webber on staying at Red Bull. Unless some big changes are in the pipeline for both teams like say a one way plane ticket for Adrian Newy to Maranello why would Webber want to go to a slower team with an arguably more formidable team mate in Alonso.

Webber on his race in Canada in video.          

And Vettel on a birthday gift for Webber below.

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