Thursday, 23 June 2011

Trulli Threatens To Quit F1

Jarno Trulli has admitted he could be close to leaving Formula One. The Italian has struggled with the Team Lotus power steering system saying it does not give him enough feel for his precise driving style. "That's why Kovalainen goes quicker than me" Trulli tells Italy's La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"These are not good times. After 2010 I expected to be fighting in the middle but we are still at the back, building up experience as a team. I want to see how things evolve, It's tough not fighting for high places any more. I could have a look around and leave F1, without quitting racing."

Trulli admitted he would be interested in moving to Le Mans sports cars if he got a strong team then added "But I'm not thinking about it now, I want to keep my mind clear. Then we'll see,"

When Team Lotus owner Tony Fernandes was recently asked by the BBC if Trulli's seat was safe his response was firm stating "yes, yes, yes, yes, He brings something many people don't see - a lot of experience in development of the car,"

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