Thursday, 9 June 2011

Todt Considered Banning Hamilton For Outburst

FIA president Jean Todt admitted he considered banning Lewis Hamilton for 6 months following Hamilton's now infamous interview in which he called Felipe Massa and Pastor Maldonado stupid then preceded to mimic an Ali G joke about being picked on because he was black.

Fearing the consequences of the interview Hamilton returned to the Monaco track with his father late on race day to apologize to the FIA. He has since also wrote a letter to FIA president Jean Todt apologizing.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph Jean Todt “I am trying to maintain a good harmony amongst everybody, I have tried to avoid controversy. I could have leaked the letter but it’s between him and the FIA.”

Todt, who was present at Monaco, said he had  intentionally avoided interfering in the affair.

“My office was next to the stewards, every time I went to see them I avoided making any comment. For me what Lewis said was unacceptable but I didn’t want to overreact."

"I could have asked our judicial court to address the problem but we never officially opened the case. He went to the stewards to apologize. He went with his father."

"Maybe it would have been better to put him in the court; to ban him for six grands prix. But he wrote to me and I wrote to him and the thing is over.”

6 months! seems a bit excessive to put it mildly that it was even considered. Hamilton just said two of his fellow drivers were stupid and threw in an Ali G joke about the stewards for good measure(well maybe an extremely ill taste one that was always going to be taken the worst possible way).

With 6 months the penalty for race jokes gone wrong minus apologetic letter I have figured out a few penalties for up coming flash points in the F1 paddock.

Webber shaped fist in Vettel shaped smile after one too many times beaten to pole postion.
FIA action - six year ban, though quashed at appeal after Webber reminded the FIA the good he tried to do for the sport by chucking Jake Humphrey in pool and that it wasn't his fault Humphrey didn't stay their.

Alonso suddenly loosing his cool on live TV and preceding to jump up and down on his Ferrari while frantically raving  "I can't believe I signed to drive this piece of S*** for the next 5 years"
FIA action - 6 months ban for destruction of waste property, can spend it with good mate Hamilton for his upcoming offense.

Hamilton after another disappointing performance were stewards give him 8 drive through penalties and 15 warnings, speaking to reporter Lee McKenzie, a irritated Hamilton suggests "This is Jean Todt's fault, if he was into the same kind of stuff Max Mosley was into he wouldn't be so uptight and this would not have happened"
FIA action - Lifetime ban or 6 months with Fernando Alonso who is also serving ban for destruction of S***
Lewis chooses lifetime ban.

Schumacher kicking the arses of all BBC F1 presenters for lack of respect of a living legend.
FIA action - Nothing, come on..what you expect? he's Michael Schmacher.

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