Saturday, 4 June 2011

Teams Set To Rebel Bahrain Decision

With the Bahrain Grand Prix being reinstated on the F1 calendar for October 30th, it is far from a done deal it will take place.

Press Association Sport understands no team is interested in racing in Bahrain this year, not only from a moral standpoint, but also in regard of insurance issues for team employees, whilst sponsors are expected to show resistance.

Not only are the teams against the decesion on moral grounds. Mercedes team principle Ross Brawn has spoken out about the F1 calender stretching to December 11, being too much for the teams workforce. Speaking before the FIA decision Brawn states

"It is getting too much, Our guys have been working since January, we don't have test teams anymore, so the same guys have been working since January and we are asking them to work into December and that means there is no time for a holiday before Christmas and that would mean getting straight back in to it in January."

"So personally I think it is unacceptable and we've told Bernie that and he knows our opinion. If we continue to take those sort of approaches then we will run into problems because our people cannot be expected to work in that environment and situation, so I think it is totally unacceptable."

An official statement from the Formula One Teams Association (FOTA), said that "a detailed joint position" would follow talks which are due to take place at the Canadian Grand Prix next weekend.

Last years driver and constructor champions Red Bull have acknowledged the FIA decision adding "We will go through the correct channels and discuss this decision within the appropriate forum with the other F1 teams and our fellow FOTA members."

Red Bull have also been singled out by a website with 392,000 protesters and counting, signing an online petition aimed at those who oppose the race going ahead. Their hope is if Red Bull decide to not race in Bahrain it will pressure other teams to follow.

The websites mission statement is "Red Bull will only act if enough of us join together to make clear that its brand, its very reputation, is on the line."

Here is a link to the online petition  No F1 In Brutal Bahrain

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