Saturday, 11 June 2011

So Vettel Sticks It On Pole Again

Well if there was anywhere Sebastian Vettel wasn't likely to get pole it was here. With the long straights and lack of high-speed corners Montreal is not suited to championship leaders Red Bull.

Try as Seb did on Friday to keep the championship exciting and ruin his chances this weekend by stuffing the Bull in the wall, come qualifying he can't help but stick in on pole again. With good chance of rain for race and the ever present wall of champions should be a classic tomorrow.

If you consider the bookies to know anything we don't, below are the Paddy Power favourites to not so favourites.

S Vettel - evens

F Alonso - 9/4

L Hamilton - 13/2

F Massa - 12/1

M Webber - 12/1

J Button - 14/1

N Rosberg - 40/1

M Schumacher - 66/1

Clip below: A couple good reasons why the wall of champions is called so with commentary by the legendary Murray Walker and Martin Brundle.

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